Saturday, January 22, 2011

Being Sick Makes Me Sick

I spoke too soon in my last post.

Alise has been sick. She started showing signs of "drowning in her own nasal fluids" last Tuesday, so I started giving her mucinex and rubbing her down with vapor rub at night {My mom swears by that stinking stuff! She always put it on my brother and I at night when we were congested}. By Thursday morning, she was running a low grade fever, but I sent her to school anyway and told Mrs. M that if she started feeling really bad to call me. Her little nose was as red as an apple from all the tissue wiping.

Dr. S wasn't in the office on Thursday so I left a message with the nurse on call and hoped that she would call in a prescription for us but she never returned my call. I kept Alise out of school on Friday and she was fever free, but I knew she still didn't feel good. I really, really, really didn't want to take her to the doctor's office because I was scared she would come down with something much worse {The flu, strep throat, and the stomach virus are currently running rapid in our area}, so I took her to the After Hours Clinic. We were the very first patient and we were outa there in an hour {getting her prescription filled took much, much longer}. They pricked her finger, ran labs and swabbed her for the flu. Her white blood count was a little off and she tested negative for the flu. The nurse practicioner decided to treat her for a bacterial infection and put her on an antibiotic and another medicine for the congestion.
And so this is how we roll on a sick day! Alise all dressed up in an old dance costume pretending she's Taylor Swift. Actually, she hasn't been like this the whole time. She has spent hours lying on the couch all covered up and watching TV. I'm so sick of Phineas & Ferb I could croak!

Today we have stayed in our pj's the entire day. I made Southern Plate's Chicken Tortilla Soup for lunch, read a book on my kindle, and tried to keep the fire going. I introduced Alise to a movie we rented from the library, "The Secret Garden" and now she is obsessed with it. She watched it back-to-back all afternoon.

I hope the sickness has managed to escape you and your family. If this is the worst thing we have all flu season, I will be most happy!


  1. Glad she's feeling better enough to sing!!!

  2. MK was sick last week too. She felt horrible. I did the same thing with her. Mucinex and vapor rub. Our Mom's must have had the same training. She is better, but it sure wasn't fun at the time.

  3. I swear I'm going to OD on Mucinex this weekend. I'm in the same boat she is, only mine's in my head and I have no fever. Just very stuffy, sore throat, the works.

    Hope she's on her way to feel better!

    Oh PS- Y'all have a Wii right? You know you can get Netflix through there? Might come in handy next time you've had your fill of her cartoon choices :)

  4. It's going around here too! I'm ready for spring and summer! Hope Alise is feeling better!!

  5. I hate it when the kids are sick, I know you do too. I'm glad she's better and love seeing pics of our future Taylor Swift. :)

    Katie loves "The Secret Garden" as well. Has Alise seen "The Little Princess"? That's another "keep 'em still on the couch" type movie.

    We've had the sicknesses going around here as well. I just hold my breath because we haven't gotten it yet.

    Take care - Kisses & Hugs!

  6. Carrie1:55 PM

    I am glad Alise is feeling better! I have been sick-felt like close to death- for 4 days with the stomach flu. It is HORRIBLE!!!!! Today is the first day I have felt like being out of bed for a short time. I pray the girls don't get it!!!!! We have had snow days, so I didn't have to miss school-good thing because I don't have any days left! Say a prayer for all of us that no one else gets this---I don't wish it on my worst enemy!!!!

  7. I hope Alise is feeling better! We had 2 weekends in a row of sick germs in our house. I hope that is all past us!