Monday, January 31, 2011

100 Days of Kindergarten

Last Friday, Alise's class celebrated "100 Days of Kindergarten." They could dress up as old women {men} and they had to bring 100 small items to school {like 100 pennies, 100 small stickers, etc.}. And let me just say that they LOVED dressing up! And what was even funnier was that most of the students in Alise's class were snaggle-tooth from loosing so many teeth, so they fit the description to a T {We won't mention the whole "loosing teeth" thing because I promise that when it happens to Alise, it will truly send me over the edge!}!

Whell. You know me. I stressed about it all weekend. What in the world were we going to take to school? I wanted something different. And one day it finally hit me that since Valentine's Day was coming up, I should have Alise do something in that theme. At first I thought about using the small conversation hearts, but once I got to Walmart, I decided that 100 Hershey kisses would make a much better project. I cut out the hearts from poster board and glued the white doilies around it. Alise glued on the kisses - which explains why there is no rhyme or reason to their pattern.

But let me just say that if someone is looking for a good Science Fair project, they need to do one on why silver Hershey kisses do not stay stuck to poster board. Nearly all the silver kisses fell off the poster once she held it up, so we used glue dots instead. And now would be the appropriate time to say that I love me some glue dots!!

We took her poster to school and Mrs. M loved it!! Alise told me later that day that Mrs. M let all the kids have FIVE kisses from her poster! Woo-hoo! They celebrated and had so much fun all day!

I can't believe my baby is past her first 100 days of kindergarten. This seems just like yesterday! Life is going by too fast!


  1. Bo's class celebrated last Tuesday. He made a snow scene, which really looked like a snow STORM out of 100 mini-marshmallows & they drew pictures of what they'd look like at 100. We're on our 2nd loose tooth. AHHHH.

  2. What a great idea! They do 100 days of school projects here too. Never have seen one as good as yours.

  3. I love her board! :) She is too big, my friend. :( I need to see her before she is engaged!

  4. How fun! I love the Hershey Kisses idea.

  5. very fun! lily's kindergarten is only two days a i am sad to say we miss out on these fun 100 day projects.

    hers looked great, and yummy!