Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where's The Line To See Jesus?

A friend emailed this to me yesterday and I decided to share it with you here. Enjoy!

Becky Kelley, of St. Louis, made the song "Where's the Line to See Jesus?" as a demo last year, with her father playing the piano. This year, with professional help, her video is even better... (The story, which aired in the Post Dispatch this past week, is below). There are 2 links so you can watch the video...

MERRY CHRISTMAS • A holiday song prompted by a 4-year-old's question, "Where's the Line to See Jesus?" and recorded locally by our town's Becky Kelley has gone viral on YouTube with more than a half a million hits in fewer than two weeks.

Kelley, 30, of Des Peres, said Friday that the response to the song and video has been amazing. Since the video's taken off, Kelley's been spending up to three hours a days answering fan e-mails from around the world and fielding calls from radio station DJ's and record producers.

"I'm blown away," Kelley said. "DJ's are calling and asking me, 'Who are you? Do you have anything else? What other records do you have.' And I have to tell them this is it. I don't have anything else."

The song was prompted by a question Kelley's nephew Spencer Reijgers asked while they were standing in line at a mall to see Santa. She mentioned it to her father, Steve Haupt, a St. Louis business owner with a background as a pianist, and he wrote a song around the idea.

They recorded it last year and made a demo video with the help of Kelley's cousins, but the effort was amateurish and didn't get that much attention. Kelley knew music producer Chris Loesch, co-owner of Shock City Studios, and asked him to listen to what they had. Loesch said Friday that he helped tweak the song with a stronger chorus and a new second verse, and got Kelley and her father into the studio with a full band.

"We went all-out," Loesch said. "We thought we had something special."

They then got cinematographer Chris Benson,, who was a cameraman for the movie "Up in the Air," to make the video. The result is one of the hottest Christmas songs online this holiday season.

Kelley is married to Nathan Kelley, 32. They have one child, Grace, 3. Becky's a 1998 grad of Lindbergh High; Nathan's a 1996 grad of Parkway South. They met as teens at their church, McKnight Road Church of Christ, and both graduated from David Lipscomb University in Nashville.


  1. Thanks for sharing that. Beautiful.

  2. What a wonderful song! Merry Christmas!