Sunday, December 05, 2010

Go! Cubs Go!!

This weekend, we traveled to South Louisiana for Alise's first cheer competition! She was SO excited to be with her squad and finally be able to compete in front of a crowded audience!
Alise is on the third row far left.

Her squad did wonderful and placed second (out of two groups), but to those 4 & 5 year old little girls, you would have thought they won a million bucks!
Congratulations, Alise! We love you!

{And just for those that may think we've switched to another football team with the title of this post, we haven't. "Cubs" are the mascot for her cheer team.)


  1. I love it! And how cute that she was so happy to come in second... You know it's all about the trophy!

  2. So SO Stinking Cute! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  3. Aww so cute! Great Job Alise!

  4. Go Alise! That is too adorable! I love their uniforms.

  5. Awe! Look at her! I know that was such an exciting experience for her...and you!!!

  6. She's obviously having a blast!