Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Deck The Halls

For what it's worth, I've lost my Christmas decorating mojo.

I get to a certain point during the holidays and if it ain't done, it ain't gonna get done.

I have big plans and ideas, but I think shopping for the gifts get in the way. And I'm not through with that part, either.

I haven't even put up Alise's Christmas tree this year! And the icicle lights aren't up on the outside of the house. I never got around to finishing the top of the Christmas tree or decorating the wreaths on the back of the dining room chairs or hanging my huge Santa picture. About the only thing left that I really, really, really wanna do is buy some of the Christmas greenery at Sam's and put it on the very tops of my kitchen cabinets. Maybe the smell of pine and cedar will get me over the hump I seem to be in. You can buy some, too, for $12.44, but all you local people be sure to leave two strands for me {I have to rely on Wayne to get in to Sam's so that may take a while}!

Next year, I plan to start earlier with the decorating just so I can get it all done.

Or either pay someone to do it for me. I hear the ladies at Paul Michael's hire out.

So just for kicks, I thought I would share some of the things that I DID actually get decorated this year! Feel free to give me your opinions and leave ideas for "future decorating."

This is our "plain" tree according to Wayne. I love it and think that it goes so much better with the new decor. All the ornaments - except for two or three and the mesh garland - came from Walmart. I didn't even go through my old ornaments and hang some of the sentimental ones this year, but hopefully, it will be on next year's Christmas agenda.And here it is without the livingroom lights on, which is my favorite way to view it.

Here is a closer picture of the top of the tree. Like I said, I haven't gotten around to completing it. I'm secretly hoping that Kristen will do it for me! I just lurve the top of her tree! Love it, love it, love it! But if Kristen doesn't show up, next year I plan to use more mesh garland and more of those whimsy thingies.

My "pride and joy" this year is the light over the island. I used matching mesh from the tree and hung shatter proof balls and candy ornaments with ribbon from the top of the wrought iron. I LOVE how it turned out! I've decided to go in a candy theme in the kitchen and hopefully I'll be able to add more decorations next year.

Our front door. I decided to leave the red and silver mesh left over from our Bama football season. It's Christmasy, right? The wreath came from Home Depot and the gingerbread man and stocking came from a store in Hamburg, Arkansas. I used big red and silver balls from Hobby Lobby, but when I went back for more green ones, they were completely sold out. Maybe next year.

Our kitchen door.
When I got out the Christmas tree to put in the master bedroom, it literally fell apart. So I bought two of these trees at Home Depot for $20 and let Alise decorate the tree with balls from Walmart. I love the way it shines in our bedroom without the bedroom lights on!
This hangs on my laundry door. I got it at Paul Michael's for $20. They had other designs, too, but this one was my favorite.
Guess what! The every day Christmas dishes were found!! So happy!!

And Christmas would not be Christmas in the Horton house without something in polka dots!!

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  1. Love your Christmas decor! Your front door is awesome! You have inspired me.

  2. I love it all. I have wanted to do the mesh around my front door but don't know how to get it to stay. How did you do that?

  3. Well what you did looks great! I love that red and green mesh...I used it at work and did pretty much the same thing on the tree there! I'll be posting that soon!

  4. Love it all! Very cute!!

  5. Wow girl! You have decorated so much and it all looks great! I have totally lost my decorating mojo...we have the tree up and the mantle done and that is it. I am going simple this year. I am hoping to find some great after Christmas sales since we have lots of new space to decorate.

    Your front door is so cute! I love it!

  6. I'm a new follower and to be honest I don't know how I found you but I love your blog!

    Your tree by the way is anything but plain! It is simply stunning!

  7. Love the decor!! The gingerbread man on your front door is adorable!!! Thanks for stopping by "The White House" and leaving such sweet comments! Have a great day!

  8. I think your home looks great.. What more could you do?!?!?!

  9. I think your "plain" tree looks great!

  10. Love all your decorations! The chritmas tree is beautiful!

  11. LOVE all of your decorations! SOO cute!


  12. I love your decor! Beautiful!

  13. Your tree is beautiful and I love your outside decorations too!

  14. Absolutely love your decor! I love the garland and such around the front door!

    Happy Holidays!

  15. I think everything looks fabulous! Love the "plain" tree & the front door is awesome. I wanted to use that mesh this year, but couldn't find the colors I wanted. There's always next year.

  16. Your front door looks really lovely! We decorated our iron doors with wreaths, too. It was really easy for me to hang it because our custom iron doors were especially designed to have things hung on them. But thank God I was able to resist putting Christmas lights on them! That would be too much on the eyes.