Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Have you ever been invited to an "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?"

Apparently, it's the latest way to celebrate the season! So much that there is an entire website devoted to the topic here.

About 20 years ago, Christmas sweaters were hip and cool! I remember shopping with my mom the day after Thanksgiving and everyone was donning their Christmas sweaters. We were proud of them! I liked the real long sweaters that you could wear with leggings or stir-up pants. They went with my teased boufant hair back then, too!

According to one site that I read, the best place to "shop" for an ugly Christmas sweater is Goodwill or your Grandmother's closet. No offense, Grandma!

So are YOU hiding any ugly Christmas sweaters in YOUR closet??


  1. We had a Tacky Holiday Sweater Contest last year in the office...it was so much fun to see what everyone came up with.

    I am so glad that you did this post because it reminded me that I need to get that scheduled for this year!

  2. i dont have an "ugly christmas" sweater but I do know some people that have "ugly christmas" sweater parties!! haha

  3. That is a scream! I have many ugly sweaters. I should show you some of mine. I even have some pot holder shirts. Did you ever have one of those? ha!

  4. LOL! Too funny! I have one in my closet that I save especially for that "ugly" Christmas sweater occasion. Mine came from Goodwill, too! LOL!

  5. Going to an Ugly Sweater party this year... Can't wait!

  6. Ooooooh Ouch!! Ok so I guess what you are trying so say is, I should retire my Christmas Tree Sweater and the vest with the snowman pockets?

    Look at least I dont have a POTHOLDER shirt. hehehe (Sorry Kelley) :0