Sunday, November 07, 2010

Three Weeks of Spinach Dip Makes One Fat!

So has anyone been keeping count?

Does anyone know how many parties I've had going on?

Count 'em! One. Two. And this weekend made three.

That's THREE parties in THREE weeks.

And I've loved every last one of them!

Including the Spinach Dip!

At each and every one, I've eaten my fair share of it. It's like crack for a dip addict. My friend, Jannah, won't come to one of my parties unless she knows the Spinach Dip is going to be there! Talk about an addict! Ha!

So this weekend, we had friends over for the Bama vs. LSWho game and even though our team lost we had so much fun hanging out with our friends. The kids played outside and upstairs while the adults "grazed" and watched the game and it was just the greatest. I love entertaining!

Congratulations to LSU! There. I've said it. But after the game, Alise asked who won and when we told her she asked us, "Are we still going to wear red for Bama?" And both Wayne and I gave a resounding "YES!" I told her, "We're gonna wear it loud and proud, Sista!" Sore losers the Horton's are not. We're already looking forward to our road trip to see Bama play Mississippi State next weekend!

And also let me say that we had FOUR different SEC teams represented in the Rammer Jammer House this weekend and I loved every bit of it!! We had Bama, LSU, Mississippi State, and Auburn. Oh, and Lauren wore her La Tech shirt. So much fun!!

I apologize for not getting pics of everyone that came. Alot of our friends had soccer games on Saturday afternoon so they made their way over to the party much later.

I took these pictures with my cellphone so the quality isn't very good, but these Peanut Butter Blossoms were a HUGE hit! Everyone said how much they loved them.Of course, no party of mine would be complete without some design of a cookie cutout with royal icing!And then I decided to get a little creative! Ha! A friend called after the game and wanted to know where his "victory cookies" were. Little did he know that there was ONE Bama cookie left! Guess what Mike's getting Monday morning!? Ha!To be fair, I divided the island in half for an LSU "section" and a Bama "section." I even had a "neutral zone" in the middle where I placed a football pinata and used Fall foilage to cover. I thought it turned out very nice.I loved that I finally got to use my elephant. I bought this at Hobby Lobby on the 60% off aisle this summer and put animal crackers and chocolate graham crackers in it for the Red Bama Dip {recipe to come later this week}. It looked so good with the red table cloth and houndstooth place mats.

Alise & JC
E the birthday girl! Yeah, on Friday night I helped Lauren chaperone E's 5th birthday party. We ended up with 15 5 year old girls for a sleep over. And I thought Lauren just wanted my help with cookies....? That's a whole other post!
The girls hiding in the castle from JC. When I walked outside to get this pic, JC was saying, "But I'm the good guy!" Ha!
Jannah & Chad
Todd & Stacye. Love, love, love Stacye's new hair style!!
Some of the party girls. That's E hiding behind her mom. I wish I had thought about getting a picture of all the guys huddled around the TV! I love that Clay felt comfortable enough to move my rocker from across the room and put it right in front of the TV so he could "zone in."
Our friends Robbie & Angie. They're so awesome they deserve their own post {coming soon!!}!

Did your favorite team win this weekend?


  1. Great post! And you ARE great sports! We Gamecocks lost big time. It was a horrible night for my poor husband. But we will overcome!

  2. Great pictures! You are the best hostess! Yep, My Hogs won!

  3. Sounds like a fun party! And yes our team won! GEAUX TIGERS!