Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My Friend Angie

So Wayne and I had been planning our Bama v. LSU Game Day party since the day college football started in September. Because we now havemore room, we really wanted to blow it out this year and just have a great time with our LSU friends {ahem!}. We may live in Louisiana, but our heart and soul supports Alabama football. Period.

So my friend Angie stopped me in the hall Friday morning at school and whispered, “Do you care if Robbie wears his Auburn shirt to the party?”


Say what? Your husband wants to wear his AUBURN shirt into the Rammer Jammer Residence??

Okay. So the first mistake I made with Angie was assuming because she and her sweet family were from Alabama, was that they were actually Alabama fans. I was SO excited to have Bama friends living right here amongst “us” in Louisiana. I had Kenny Bell’s family (#7 for Bama) ten miles from us and Angie and her family were less than that! WOW! I saw lots and lots of tailgating parties for Bama in my future! Just wait until I tell Doug and Mirya that we now have Bama friends!!

And then it happened.

I remember the day I saw the lovely orange and blue Auburn sticker on Angie’s car in the parking lot at school.

Or was it her car?

I was dreaming. Did I forget to put my contacts in that morning?

That wasn’t Angie’s car!!

What freakin’ War Eagle fan just started sending their kid to school with my sweet-little-future-Bama-cheerleader??

And then, out of the car popped Angie and Maddie. All smiles in that “War Eagle” kinda way.

But wait! There must be some mistake! Angie’s been brain-washed. That’s it! She’s been sucked in by the Orange and Blue! The aliens must have grabbed her and her sweet family on a recent trip home to Alabama and held them at gunpoint until they swore Auburn allegiance! That’s what happened!!

An-GIE!! Come back, come back {in that pitiful ‘Rose’ voice from the movie, “Titantic”}!!

But that’s not all!

Angie later confessed that she had another child that attended LSU.

Yeah! The beautiful Bama world as Laura knew it no longer existed.

My heart was just breaking for this family. For me, too.

WHAT in the WORLD were they thinkin’?

Soon after Angie came clean with all her deep, dark SEC supporting secrets, she starting showing up at school with not ONLY an AUBURN sticker on her car, but also an “LSU MOM” sticker on her car.


And then the Traitor’s husband wanted to wear his Auburn shirt to the Game Day party?

And probably cheer for LSU?

Against Bama??

In the Rammer Jammer House??

What was I suppose to say??

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, YES!! YES!! Wear your stinkin’ Auburn shirt to Game Day!

So here are Robbie & Angie! Wearing his Auburn shirt LOUD & PROUD!!

And here is me and my traitor, I mean, FRIEND Angie!!
All kiddng aside, we love our Auburn friends! They are among the nicest people we have ever met. When Angie talks about going “home,” I just want to jump in her car and go with her! Even though we may not support the same team, we still have an “Alabama” connection and I believe I love that more than anything. And just a little secret: I loved having a different college team represented at the party!

So thank you, Angie and Robbie for putting up with your VERY obnoxious Bama friends!!


  1. This post is so funny! My husband went to Auburn. He is a huge Hog fan though. He went to U of A too.

  2. My sister's family are huge Clemson fans... Makes for interesting conversations between her hubby and my Gamecock hubby!