Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The ER Patient

The following story was told to me by our ER manager and I was just in tears when I heard it and wanted to share about it here.

It was a typical Saturday night in the ER. Nothing was going right. Everyone was complaining: the nurses, the doctors, and of course, the patients. And they were all complaining about each other and the lack of assertiveness to get anything done. Everyone had a bad attitude.

Finally, a lull settled in and a call reached the ER nurses' station that there was someone in the hospital lobby that needed help. Some staff members went to the lobby to see what the problem was. They found a woman crying hysterically and holding her small baby daughter.

The woman told the staff that she had been living in Texas with an abusive husband and she was running away to her father's house in Tennessee. She had been saving money for several months planning to leave as soon as the time was right. Her husband was arrested that week {I don't know what for} and she decided to make her escape. She had not slept in two days and was completely exhausted. She had called 911 to find a safe place for her and her daughter to sleep in her car for the night, but she was woken up by some men yelling and shaking her car. She quickly drove away and tried to find her way back to the interstate, but there were too many one way streets and she got lost. She pulled over to try to get her bearings and when she looked up, she saw the Cross on the front of our hospital. She knew that's where she needed to go for help.

The ER staff started scrambling. They found a room in the hospital for her to rest and get some sleep. Someone watched the baby. Other staff collected money and made a trip to Walmart for clothes, food, and a few toys. They also took up a collection for gas money so that she could make it to her Father's house.

When the woman and her baby left the next day, she wanted to give the staff something for their kindness and generosity. All she had was a picture of her daughter, in a frame with no glass because it had been smashed one night when her husband got mad and threw it. The picture stays at the ER nursing station as a reminder of their "ER Angel." The staff believes this woman was sent to them for a reason. They needed her as much as she needed them.

I'm sure reading this post is not nearly as emotional as hearing the story firsthand but could you imagine if this woman had been your friend or your daughter or your sister? Wouldn't you want someone to do the same for her? And I do believe in divine appointments and hearing that the woman looked up and saw our cross on the front of the building only assures me that God was in control of her life {even if she didn't know it}. He knew where she was. Even in the midst of running away, He never lost sight of her and her daughter.

As for our ER staff, those are some great people! I've always thought that ER nurses had to be very tough people to put up with what they do all day and see all the gore they see. I think a little of that toughness died that night the "ER Angel" came through those lobby doors. I think compassion and God's grace broke down a group of special people and reminded them what their purpose really was.

God's blessings to all!


  1. wow, very touching story! I would have probably teared up if I had heard it being told.

  2. I cried reading this. What an amazing ER staff. Very touching.

  3. That's a sweet story.

  4. That story gave me chicken skin. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great Halloween party--I can't wait to hear all about it!