Sunday, September 19, 2010

What A Happy Weekend!

Hello Dear Readers!

I’m hoping you had a FAB weekend!!

Tell me! Did your favorite college football team win?! There were some REALLY exciting games this weekend!

Instead of doing my usual “weekend-recap-on-Sunday-afternoon” post, I decided to save all that fun stuff for later.

I have to say how much I LOVED your own blog posts, comments, emails, tweets, and texts regarding what you always, sometimes, never do!! Some of your lists were SO funny and totally cracked me up! Someone told me that she always puts her panties on before her bra. Another reader told me the she nevah, evah, evah let’s anyone see her with wet hair or no makeup! She even RUNS in makeup!! Another reader told me that she sometimes pays her kids to go outside and play. Wow! At least everyone was honest! Ha!

Did you know that there are exactly 42 days left until Halloween and just a measly 97 days until Christmas!?

It’s Fall, ya’ll! I noticed the trees changing colors this weekend and the leaves have already begun falling in our yard.

This Thursday marks the first day of Autumn! It’s a new season and I am so pumped about it! I promise to show you some of my Fall decorating soon!

And, no. I haven't bought any Christmas gifts yet. Have any of you? My list actually shrunk by two this year. My brother and I agreed that we would only get our kids Christmas gifts and not worry about us and our spouses. But, now that Baby Baylor arrived on August 31st, I guess my list only shrunk by one! Ha!

Just a little friendly reminder to my lo-cal readers that THIS Tuesday is "Daddy-Daughter Date Night" at Chic-fil-a. It's going to be so much fun to dress Baby Girl up and send her and her daddy on their merry way!! Of course, Wayne will have my camera in his pocket!

If you're needing a little inspiration in the decorating department, hop on over to Kelly's blog for "Show Us Your Life - Living Room Edition." I have gotten SO many wonderful ideas for decorating our new home {if I could just find the stuff I need to do it!}. I decided not to participate simply because all I could show you is this:

Not very interesting. For now, at least. I'm certainly planning for better things! I'm on a mission to find a rug, bar stools, and end tables. I would like to get those three things before Christmas. We'll see. I did order an inside/outside rug from Ballard Design last week to go under my dining room table. It's black and linen. At least the customer service rep {who was a man...} assured me that it was not "taupe." I kidded with him on the phone and said that if I wasn't happy with it, it was his fault. He told me the rug I ordered was one of their most popular items, so we'll see. It shipped on Friday so I'm hoping it comes this week. Wayne and I actually did a little "house shopping" this weekend and I can't wait to show you what we found later this week!

I think I have forgotten to mention that we sold our other house!! Yes! God has been SO good to us! We actually got the call on Labor Day afternoon that we had a full price - yes, full price - offer on the table. We accepted and the buyer completed their inspection last week. We are hoping to close in about three weeks. Please keep praying that everything goes well and we become a one mortgage household again!


  1. Love you living room! My favorite team won! The freshman kicker is one of my former students.

  2. YAY! Autumn is here, but dang the temps sure do play a different tune. LOL! As you could probably tell from my blog, I've been a little excited to welcome Autumn with open arms. I promised Katie that we would decorate for Fall in a week or two. Depending on the weather and other interruptions. Haha!

    Have a great week and can't wait to see what y'all bought for the house.

  3. I am THRILLED for y'all that you sold your house and that the offer was FULL PRICE! Now that is unheard of, lol! Your house is coming right along, looking good girl!

  4. Love the built-ins around the fireplace!