Monday, September 27, 2010

Lots of Furniture & Decorating Pics

Alise's furniture FINALLY arrived on Saturday!! She was SO excited and I was glad that she wouldn't have to sleep on the floor anymore {on mattresses, of course}. Do you notice her blue stool at the bottom of the picture? That's because the bed is SO tall!! Wayne and I will definitely have to help her in it every night! And now that it has finally arrived, I'm even more happier with the black, white, and pink combination. I cannot wait to begin decorating the walls! I found a great polka dot decorating sight here.
You'll have to excuse the mess in the corner. We were scrounging around to make room when the movers arrived.
I LOVE the antique look of the furniture. So girly! And believe it or not, I let Alise decide what she was going to put in each of the drawers. We finally moved her {clothes} out of the utility room! Oh happy day!!

I promised pictures last week of some things that we had bought for the house, but I got behind downloading my pictures. Then, my mom came over and helped me with a little decorating this weekend so I've updated with those pictures, too.

This is a flower arrangement that I got on sale at Kirkland's. I love it here on the buffet table.
Our monogram that I got on sale at Kirkland's for $12.99.
And that's how it all ended up when my mom came over to help decorate. What do you think? I love it!!

We FINALLY found mirrors for our bathroom {and they finally got hung this weekend!} at Kirklands {do you see a pattern?}!! What's so exciting is that they were regularly $49.99, marked down to $29.99 and we bought them for $21.99. Is that a deal or what?And speaking of mirrors....get a load of Alise's bath mirror! Again, I am in love!! I found these whimsical adhesives at Michael's for $14.99 {not on sale} and fell in love with them. So, so easy to put up. It just changed the whole feel of the bathroom! The website on the back of the package was I haven't had a chance to visit yet, but I thought I would post the site in case someone else was interested.Here's a pic from a slightly different angle.

Okay. So if you're looking for something that did NOT come from Kirkland's or Hobby Lobby, here it is. I got this small arrangement to put in our bathroom off the 60% aisle at Michael's. $3.98. I love it! It's all the colors of our master bathroom and bath.So here it is. The first thing I've paid full price for and I'm not proud of it, but I found this shower curtain at Bed Bath & Beyond and I just kept going back to it because of the color combination. It probably won't be up after this spring when we decide to put in a separate shower and a window over the tub. But Wayne insisted that he be able to take a shower in our master bath so I had to buy a curtain. So much for having my "own" tub! Ha!And here is a picture of the indoor/outdoor rug I ordered from Ballard Design. I am SO pleased with it and it looks so good under the table. A steal-of-a-deal for $90 not including shipping.

Hobby Lobby was having an amazing sale last week. I could have spent a fortune in there, but Wayne would have killed me. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'm REALLY in to rod-iron. I mean, really! I bought a piece on Thursday, put it didn't work over my door so when I returned it Saturday night {after we beat Arkansas - sorry! Just had to throw that one in there!}, I came home with THREE more pieces and a huge black wooden spoon that made both Wayne and Alise think I had lost my mind!! So, unfortunately, the big black spoon and a piece of rod-iron are going back {for other things, of course!}.

Can you tell I am having so much fun decorating??


  1. I love Alise's room and her bathroom. The mirrors are fantastic. I love the buffet table and how the H really sets it off.

  2. Love it all! :) Inspires me to start looking for ideas for Caroline's "big girl" room!

  3. I am definitely enjoying your decorating ideas!!! I LOVE A's mirror!! We move Thursday, so I'm browsing all the links you put up so maybe I can get some kind of direction when it come to decorating. Your house is beautiful!!

  4. It looks great and I can tell you are having fun. I LOVE the monogram and the way you have all of that there at the table decorated. I promise not to steal that monogram idea from you, even though if I hadnt promised I probably would. hehehe

  5. Alise's furniture, the table in the entry, the shower curtain, the rug....all gorgeous! And Alise's bathroom wall looks great. You are getting there! YAY!

  6. I am impressed with the color combination and placement of the furniture's,Dining Table is the most stunning of all the furniture's which you have posted.

  7. Everything looks fantastic! Those stickers really "make" the mirror. I have a rod iron piece that has yet to be hung over my bed. Send Wayne over.

  8. Oh my, everything looks so great! That thing around A's mirror is fab-u-lous!

  9. You are having fun! I love how the decals around the mirror turned out. I am really into wrought iron to and just love what you did with the buffet. Isn't Kirklands the best? They always have such great things at a reasonable price.

  10. LOVE the rug under your table!