Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Need Your Help for Halloween!

I'm in the process of planning a Halloween Party for Alise and her friends and I need ideas for party favors. I'm trying to go in a different direction than the typical goody bags with lots of candy since we're planning on having the party the week before Halloween. Don't wanna get the kiddos too hyped up on sugar too soon! Ha!

Anyway, I was thinking more in line with just a single item with a sticker/note attached thanking them for coming to our party.

What about small individual flashlights?

Leave a comment or email me with your thoughts!

Oh, yeah! And pray it doesn't rain on October 23rd!


  1. The Dollar Tree has some small flashlights. I picked up a bunch to give at my son's bday party in the goody bags.

  2. Flashlights sounds fun to me or cute glow sticks even.

  3. flashlights sound like the perfect idea to me! :)

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  5. What was that? (comment above)

    The flashlights sound good or you could do trick or treating bags with their names on them. One year I got thoses old style orange pumpkins buckets ($1 at WM) and wrote everyone's name on one.

  6. I love the idea of the flashlights too! I bought the cutest crazy straw Halloween striped cups from Krazystraws.com. I put in a bag with a large bouncy ball and goo. I got cute stickers to put on bag from autumnleah on etsy. I thought they turned out cute! Yes, I am a freak--they are done already:)

  7. I think that is a great idea!