Monday, September 13, 2010

I Am Special

On Friday, Alise brought home a booklet titled, "I Am Special" and when I read it, I wanted to cry. I am so amazed at her drawings! I didn't include every page in the booklet, but just a few of my favorites.

Love the pink bow and eyelashes!

Notice the different eye colors of me and Wayne. She knows that my favorite color is purple and that Wayne always wears Bama red. How perceptive is she?

A life-size Alise!
I hope this gave Mrs. M a smile! Blonde hair. Mrs. M has never had blonde hair!

Speaking of Mrs. M, I was talking about her on Saturday at the birthday party with two RO teachers and I told them that Mrs. M was MY kindergarten teacher over thirty years ago and that I really wanted Alise to have her this year. I told them that somewhere my mom still has my kindergarten class picture from 1978 and that she promised she would find it and I'm going to let Alise take it to show-and-tell one day! Ha! How funny is that? I may just become one of Mrs. M's unfavorable students for doing it, too. When mom finds the picture, I'll be sure to scan it and post it here!


  1. The art teacher in me says--"Awesome job, Alise!" Those pictures are precious.

  2. Go to this blog. She is from Alabama and has some cute Bama flags on there. I am trying to get a kit to see some of her pieces.

  3. Definitely a keeper! Precious!

  4. Awww how sweet!!! It gave me chills. Mrs. L and I miss her in class, but we are SO glad we get to see her at recess!!!!

  5. That is so precious. I got all misty eyed just hearing you tell about it.