Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Say Hello To The Deer

Now say, "Good-bye!"

I think my sweet husband had a memory lapse last night. He stopped by the old house to bring a few things over. I was cleaning the staircase so when he knocked on the front door, I answered it and was staring at these two stupid deer! I was like, "Oh nooooo, buddy! These things aren't going in my living room. We've already had this discussion!"

Those things are going upstairs in his MAN CAVE!!

I personally think he brought them over to brag, but whatevah.


  1. The man cave is a PERFECT place for those babies!!!

  2. I'm so glad my hubs only hits little white balls. But we do have our share of fish. IN THE MAN CAVE!

    Some friends of ours just bought a house, ripped up the mauve carpet & stained the concrete. Looks good!

  3. Gotta let him brag a little - in the man cave!!!

  4. I agree, the man cave is the place for those. I grew up with hunters in my family. I feel your pain.

  5. AHHH... I'm really glad we don't have any of these in our house. My in-laws have one in their living room and I think it's gross. Though, I do like hiding things from my nephew up there :)

  6. I have a no dead animal downstairs rule too. All creatures must be upstairs in the man cave.