Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Our First Weekend

Our first weekend in the new house was wonderful! Busy, but wonderful!

On Friday afternoon, Wayne and I nearly burned the house down before we even spent the first night! We got a wild hair to self clean the oven. Before long, the oven was literally smoking and the house began filling with smoke. We turned the crazy oven off and began opening all the windows and doors to let the smoke out. And as if that wasn't good enough....Wayne "rigged" the vacuum cleaner hose to the top of the oven so that it could suck up the rest of the smoke. I'm ashamed to admit that my oven is that filthy that it nearly set the friggin' house on fire!

The furniture arrived on Friday afternoon, too. I didn't get off in time, but Wayne said that the table was scratched and the media center for our bedroom was damaged in the back so we sent both pieces back.

This is what my bedroom looked like Friday night before we put the mattress on.

Is it beginning to look a little like this?

Our first visitor this weekend, was our little niece, Ana. Friday night, she and Alise ate pizza and rode the plasma car all around the kitchen. They LOVE to play together.The whole evening, we talked it up about Alise sleeping in her new bedroom in her new "big girl" bed (actually it was just the mattresses because her furniture doesn't arrive for another week). We promised her a special prize if she slept in her bed all night. There were lots of tears and she was still awake at midnight. But believe it or not, she pulled it out and stayed in her bed all night!On Saturday morning, we slept in (if you call 8:30 "sleeping in") and then toasted the new day with southern style biscuits and jelly. Don't go all crazy on me. They were just the Pilsbury frozen kind with Welch's grape jelly. Mom and dad came over to begin helping us empty boxes and get organized. They were a God-send and we appreciate their help and love so much! Soon, other family members begin to arrive along with friends and neighbors. Someone was constantly revolving through the door and we loved it!!

On Sunday we went to church and received the disappointing news that our youth minister had accepted a call to a church in Tennessee. I just sat in the pew and cried because I just knew that Steve would one day be Alise's youth pastor. He has done so much for our church and youth group! But I truly wish him and his family the best! When God says, "Go," you go!

But the afternoon soon perked up when Alise and I met The Crayon Princess and her sweet family for ice-cream. It was SO HOT, but it was SO NICE to sit down and visit with one of my favorite blog friends. She has the sweetest demeanor and personality. The Princess likes to hide behind her awesome painting, so I don't have any pictures of our visit.

By 9:30 Sunday night, I had come down with another migraine so off to bed I went! Wayne fell asleep on the couch and Alise actually slept the entire night in her new bed! I think she was as exhausted as her parents were! There is still TONS of stuff to do...lots of cleaning...dust is still everywhere...and I haven't even started thinking about decorating yet. The walls will probably still be bare next month when our family arrives and the party begins, and I'm trying my best to not stress about it. I'm doing good just keeping up with the laundry right now.


  1. I was actually going to take a pic with the girls, but then we all melted:) It was great, and we need to do it again. We considered stopping off for ice cream to cool off from our ice cream, but settled on drinks.

  2. The house is looking great! Glad y'all are getting settled in. I'm still giggling about the weed story :)))

  3. LOL about the oven. Can't really laugh to much since i caught my microwave on fire Friday too!

    LOVE the bedroom furniture!

    Our music minister is leaving FW (another one!) These Baptist folks move around too much ;)

    Have fun settling in!

  4. I still haven't lived down the day I tried to use the self cleaner on my mom's oven. I was in high school and had no clue what I was doing. I had made sausage and some grease spilled over so I was trying to be responsible and clean it up...it caused a fire inside the oven. We called the Fire Department and everything. They said since it was contained just to watch it and it should go out. I was mortified!

    Your bedroom is going to be beautiful! Yeah for Alise staying in her new room all by herself!

  5. It's looking good! What are you taking for your migraines?

  6. The oven story is priceless. Alise is such a big girl to sleep in her new room alone. Love your furniture.

  7. i looove your room/furniture!

  8. i love the rigged vacuum idea!

    can't wait to see how it all comes together!


  9. Congrats on being in the new house! Can't wait to see more pictures...

    Love the new bedroom suit!

  10. Sooo sorry to hear about the fire. I hate the self-cleaning oven thingie. Every time I use it, it makes me nervous.

    Your bedroom is looking FAB!

    Pinkie has that Build-A-Bear Alise is holding! They so have to meet. I know they would be instant BFFs!