Sunday, August 22, 2010

Houston, We Have A Mirror!

Notice I said, "A" mirror.

And as of this post, it's not hung yet, either.

I finally found a mirror for Alise's bathroom last week at Hobby Lobby for $45 on sale. I was excited to find a round mirror because I'm evenutally planning to go in a polka dot theme, so it worked out perfect!

If only I could find some mirrors for our bathroom now!

I actually took Wayne back to Hobby Lobby Friday night when we were there to get the houndstooth material for the kitchen curtains. We stopped back by the mirror aisle, but they were all picked over and we didn't find any with the measurements we needed. Kirkland's also has some mirrors on sale for $30 - $40, but I can't seem to get my husband in the mall these days to check out the measurements. Imagine that!

The dining room table arrived on Friday and believe it or not, there was not a single scratch! This is the third time Miskelly's has had to deliver a table to us. So now, the chairs that match are no longer around the island and the island looks quite bare with no bar stools.

We worked on the house all weekend. Wayne made trips to the dump and Goodwill {I can't believe we gave the old marble bathroom countertops to Goodwill!} and cleaned off the carport so now we'll be able to have tables and chairs set up for the fish fry on Labor Day weekend. I'm so excited about it!

You're going to laugh, but I'm also excited about the fact that people are actually using our front door to enter our house! At our old house, because of where the front door and our driveway was, you had to walk through the grass and around the house to come through the front door. But when Clay and Lauren visited last week and when Alise's cheer coach came to pick her up Saturday morning, they all used the front door!

It's the little things, ya'll.


  1. Ooh.. very cute mirror! We still haven't bought a new mirror to replace the one my husband busted during the remodel.

  2. Love love love the mirror!

  3. Love the round mirror.I found the mirrors for our Nashville house at Kirkland's and just loved them!

  4. Love me some Hobby Lobby... they have the best!

  5. I love the mirror. Hobby Lobby is the getting place in our town. Can't wait to see more pics.

  6. The mirror looks great...and a great find. I know what you mean about the front door, no one but solicitors use our front door.