Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday Pep Rally & Other Fun Stuff

Alise's school has themes for pep rallies on Friday's. I love that the whole school gets to participate in them and the little ones especially love dressing up! This past Friday's theme was "Hollywood" and all of Alise's friends were sporting boas and sparkly dresses!I let her wear an old Hannah Montana dress up outfit, but she complained that it itched, so she decided to wear a Taylor Swift T-shirt underneath. What a combination! Anyhoo, I tried to find some dark shades, but the Costume Shop didn't have any, so I just got the pink clear glasses. She was so excited to get to school that morning!I have the hardest time getting a picture of EC with her eyes open! She's a fast blinker! Alise checks on her friend every morning before school. She misses EC so much!And here she is with her classmates and friends. When is my child going to take a growing spurt? I tell Wayne all the time that we stunted her growth by leaving her in that stupid toddler bed too long! Ha!

I have a funny story to tell! This summer, while we were working on our house, Wayne hired his boss's son. Drew, to help him on Saturdays. Drew attends Alise's school and is a senior football player. All of a sudden, she has become enamored with him! The Friday before last, she had me text Wayne before school to find out what Drew's football jersey number was. I watched her during the pep rally, and when he walked by her and she recognized his number, this huge smile spread across her face. So this week, Wayne decided to "make her pee her pants"! He texted Drew Thursday night and asked him to please say something to Alise the next morning at the pep rally. I could. not. wait. to pick up Alise Friday afternoon! When I asked her how the pep rally went, she said, "Mommie, Drew said 'Hi!' to me and told me he liked my boa!! And then he gave me a high-five!" When she told Wayne, her Daddy got a huge grin on his face. Alise may not have peed her pants, but it sure made her day!!

On Saturday afternoon, me & Alise, and Lauren & Eva made a visit to the Beehive to try and find some things for the house. I had no luck. All the great finds I saw about a month ago when I didn't really have time to shop, were gone {that's my luck}. Lauren bought a few things - including a Christmas gift for her sister. I ran into Lori while we were there! I just love running into her and hate that we never have time to really talk! Maybe next time.

Eva came back to the house for a few hours while Clay & Lauren went to a party. The girls had so much fun dressing up, putting on make-up, and riding the Ranger with Wayne.Eva's big bow cracks me up!

This afternoon, was Emma's birthday party at the Children's Museum. I can't believe the Three Amigos are five years old!!
My friend, Cyndi, made Emma's cake again this year! Getting a piece of her chocolate cake was the highlight of my day!
We've done a little more decorating this week! Our houndstooth curtains for the kitchen were finished. Simple, but I love them.Wayne is happy that I finally took the cheap rings off the shower curtain. Every time he pulled it to take a shower, the curtain would come off one or several of the loops (he pulls it too hard). So last week, I finally got around to tying it with hot pink ribbon. I know you can't really tell here, but it looks so cute!
On the way home from church, I told Wayne that I couldn't believe that we were having a party in OUR home and letting our CRAZY friends watch the LSWho game on OUR TV!!! It's gonna be a sea of TIGER BAIT in the RAMMER JAMMER HOUSE this weekend!! I can't wait!!!


  1. I love your curtain. It is so cute! I love that Alise's school has theme days. We haven't done that yet. MK would get a kick out of it though.

  2. How hard was he pulling on the shower curtain? One should never shower angry!

    That is SO adorable that W had Drew say hi to A.

  3. Love how the houndstooth turned out!!! And the pink bows just make that cute bathroom even cuter! Miss you!!!

  4. Don't knock the big bows:) My girls are bow-heads! Emailed you about party, and your bowls will go in mail tomorrow.

  5. It was good seeing you too! I can't believe you couldn't find anything at Beehive! I always find too much!!! But it will all come together in time!

  6. Sass & Bo's school had theme days too. This week's was pink & raised $ for Susan G. Komen Breast cancer. Great idea, but kinda boring. Isn't it the best when the big kids pat attention to the little ones! I love the cake. I can't wait for you to see Sass's! And she got a zebra print toilet brush for her bathroom for her bday. You so need one!

  7. Alise's school sounds like they have so much fun! I bet she was the envy of all the girls in her class when a senior football player talked to her!