Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let There Be Light

I know today's Wordless Wednesday and all, but I just have to holla!!

Ya'll! I am SO happy! Just lookie at my island!
And today!

I know it is a complete mess! How many Sonic cups do you see? Ha! A million thanks goes out to my nephew for all the hard work and for putting up with an Aunt who can't seem to make a decision these days!

As for my light. Ya'll. I was SO disappointed yesterday. Honestly, I hadn't been happy since the island arrived. Maybe I had been doing waaaay too much research on kitchen islands, but I was just expecting something different. When it was delivered, my heart just fell, because it was so plain. Wayne kept telling me to just wait for the granite and it would "dress it up." So the granite arrived on Tuesday (a day late) and I started freaking out that the granite wasn't the right color. Of course, the lighting was not up in the kitchen so I really couldn't tell. Then a REALLY good deal on a chandelier fell through when the island nearly swallowed it whole! Luckily, the original chandelier that I found two months ago was still available at a local lighting store so Wayne and I bought it today on my lunch break. We had to do a little "rigging" because the ceilings are low, but I love it! Love it, love it, love it!!!

Things to mention:

1. Did you read Big Mama's blog today? Check out this story about shopping for back-to-school supplies. I see this whole scenario in my future one day. It totally cracked me up! Do you buy school supplies or do you just "write the check." Fortunately for me right now, I just write the check.

2. This Mama takes pictures of her baby girl while she is snoozing. Too stinkin' cute!

3. Giveaways here, here , and here. Go here to check out what Semi-Slacker talked her friend into doing.

4. Someone left advertising cards at Alise's daycare for Castles and Crowns. You can check out their website here.

5. For all my local readers, Munchkin Market is coming up! Get ready to buy gently used name-brand and boutique brands at reduced prices.

Happy Wednesday to all my readers! You ROCK!


  1. Carrie10:58 PM

    Sweet! I Love the light-the island looks good-love that it doesn't match the cabinets!!!! Have fun!

  2. I think the island and the light look FAB! Love the granite and the fact that the island and the cabinets are diff colors. It's all coming together!

  3. Love the light, the island and the granite! niiiice! Those pics of a sleeping baby are priceless. What a great idea! I am researching prek for Avery and I think we found our place. I'm so excited I think I'll buy the cute supplies until it becomes a fight w/ a 5 yr old ;) Thanks for the giveaway info. I chickened out on Munchkin Market (selling) but I will be there to buy!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! I might rather have a tour of the house than ice cream:) Just kidding; will wait to see the finished product.

  5. Your chandelier looks beautiful and I ams sure it was nice to see it all come together. As far as school supplies, this will be my first year. It's bittersweet! Lana :)

  6. I love the island! And the granite, my husband has a granite countertop business... so I'm a little partial to granite :)

  7. Hello! First of all, I love your new kitchen lighting. That's really going to be wonderful. And secondly, I just came from your other site and saw that you read Redeaming Love. Isn't that just the greatest book? I think everyone should read it! Enjoyed your blog!

  8. I love it! Don't wig out too soon. Wait until the whole room is complete, it'll come together. Wait and see.

  9. Love it! Thanks for visiting my blog, so happy to have found yours:-) It will be fun to see all of your decorating/remodeling adventures!

  10. I can't wait to see it all once you guys are moved in and settled - I can already tell that I am going to heartlust your kitchen too! I would LOVE to have that many cabinets to organize!!

  11. Love your kitchen!