Thursday, July 08, 2010

I Need Your Help!

Okay, Blog Readers! I need you to come to my rescue!

Wayne is hounding me for a color for the kitchen and yesterday's picks from Sherwin Williams of "Cherry Tomato" and "Red Tomato" were busts. Cherry Tomato was just too orange/pinkish and Red Tomato was just too dark, but it was the only color that I've found to come close to the pillow.

I curse the day that Wayne found that stupid paint magazine at Home Depot that had all the collegiate colors in it. He really likes the Alabama red and came up with this "bright" idea to paint a gray stripe in the middle of the dining room wall!! Give me a break!

So, my main issue with the red - because I like red and probably the Bama red is my favorite shade out of all the ones we've tried (but don't tell Wayne) - is that I think my living room is too light for such a bold color. I had orginally planned to stay warm and muted. Maybe I should repaint the living room?

So this is where my sweet Blog Readers come in! I've put a poll on my blog in the right hand corner and I NEED YOUR VOTES!! Please tell me if I should paint my kitchen red. I've included some links to show you where I started as far as ideas and where we are now. If you have any decorating ideas or suggestions, PLEASE leave me a comment. This is my house, ya'll! I don't want to jack it up!!


  1. After voting, now I should give my 2 cents worth. You probably don't want it, but you can take it or leave it. From experience with such an open space, they may be 2 separate rooms they still flow the same. In other words, if you start out light you should continue into the next. The same with the warm colors. You try to make two different identities, you'll jack it up. Just saying. Good luck explaining to Wayne. I like the red and if you decide to stick with red, you'll need to revisit the Living Room. Love ya!

  2. Carrie11:26 AM

    I speak from having an open plan, with the same columns, that your rooms should flow--use the red as your accent color--meaning excessories. Like our house is painted pale yellow, I have red drapes and red in the arrangement in the dining room, then went with green in the family room--the paint is neutral and the color comes from the other things in the room. Think about what colors are alreadu in the room--your cabinets, the flooring, what color your table will be...both shouldn't be bold. Just my opinion!

  3. I painted my kitchen chili pepper red once but can't remember the maker. The room next to it, I painted potpouri green (that is prob so not spelled right) ha! But can't remember the maker of it either. The green lightened the red up some.

  4. OH and to speak to what the others have said, with your open plan, the colors do need to flow. As a matter of fact, my brother's house is similar and the color in the kitchen is just like a shade lighter than the den area. I couldn't even tell until we were talking about it one night and then my eye saw it, different tones gave it that different area feeling, but it still flowed so it was so strikingly different.

  5. I've always had red somewhere in my house. My last two houses, I've just had a red accent wall. I think red is just beautiful. Now I have a red dining room as you know. Have you thought about just doing a red accent wall?

  6. I love the red, but I think you are right that if you go with will need to warm up the living room walls some. Maybe a warmer beige or light brown. Still neutral but more in the same tone family as the red. Your living room looks fairly large and seems to get alot of light, so I think it wouldn't make the room look too small or dark. So, that is my vote!!!