Monday, July 12, 2010

House Update

We got a TON of things done this past weekend on the house - even though I don't have many pictures to show for it. Wayne even made the comment that he felt like we got more accomplished in two days than we have in a month!! All the doors are hung. All the crown molding is up and the floor molding is down. Our bedroom and Alise's bedroom are completely finished (except for the closet doors that haven't come in yet). I ordered Alise's bedroom furniture and we purchased all the stainless steel appliances (except for the refrigerator because Wayne is set on a "refrigerator-only" refrigerator - ha! - and we haven't found what we're looking for yet).

This is the new front door! I just LOVE the leaded glass and design. It's fiberglass and I haven't decided if I am going to paint or stain it. Right now, it blends with the staircase (which someone asked if we were replacing and we plan to eventually, but it's not a "have to" right now. The steps are very narrow and steep, so the entire staircase will have to be replaced. My plans are to go with some type of iron work).Here is another pic of the living room from the corner where the staircase is. The bookcases only have one coat of primer so I'm hoping they will really pop once the second coat of paint has been applied. Overlook the recessed lighting. The lights actually do fit in the ceiling. On the other side of the arch is my new kitchen/carport door. The door where the light is shining through is actually my "woman cave."
The most A-mazing thing that got done this weekend is the dressing up of the columns and arches. I. AM. IN. LOVE!! I really wasn't planning on this kind of craftsmanship.

Have you noticed that the kithen walls are gray? Ha! Are you a little confused? I'll be announcing this week what I decided to do with the kitchen. Thank you so much for your votes and it looks like the "yeses" won by 65%. We'll see....I can't go in to too much detail right now about the gray, but it will all make sense later this week!

By looking at the pictures, you're probably thinking that our house is trashed. And to be honest, it is. I have no idea how we're going to get all that sheet rock dust out of the house, but we're still planning on moving in two weeks. This week, the appliances will be delivered. Praise the Lord because my dryer went out just last week. The granite should arrive, also. The only rooms left to paint are the kitchen, utility room, my room, and the trim. Say a prayer for us that it works out!


  1. I looove the columns and arches! and your front door! Glad ya'll had a productive weekend! (:

    annnd I like the grey color too, even though I voted red ha ha

  2. The arches/columns look amazing!

    Will you come and paint my house when you're done?

  3. I just love how the columns and arches turned out! I can't wait to hear what you have planned for the kitchen. You guys are moving right along on your timeline...very impressive!

  4. It's coming along! I love to see the transformation! The columns look awesome!!

  5. I behind, so I'm trying to catch up! The color in our bedroom is Sun-dried Tomato. I can't remember who makes it but we got it at Lowe's. The house is looking so good! Email me & tell me how to vote for your friend.

  6. It is gorgeous! You guys have done an amazing job! It will all be worth it when you get to move in.

  7. Love it! Love it! Does everything seem to be coming together now? I love how both rooms are flowing smoothly. Are you going to accent red in the Kitchen? I think that would look fabulous. I like lead glass as well on our front door. The columns look great as well. Doug wants to know when are y'all going to find time to take pictures of the outside as well.

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