Monday, July 05, 2010

Hello July 4th 2010!

It's so hard to believe that the 4th of July holiday is already over!! I don't know about you, but the weekend went by SO fast!! Does anybody else feel that way?

Our weekend began with a wedding and I can't think of a better way to kick off the holiday weekend! On Friday evening, we joined our friends and church members in celebrating the marriage of a sweet Alabama girl to her new hubby. I cried nearly the entire time! The wedding was simple yet beautiful in red, white, and blue. The reception was themed in true Louisiana style, complete with Southern cuisine of red beans and rice, jambalaya, fried okra, and King Cake! Who could ask for more?Alise posing in her 4th of July halter dress before the wedding. She has been dying to wear this dress ever since I bought it on sale LAST year!
Rebekah and Brad after the ceremony. I love this pic because Rebekah was already putting her new wifely duties to work for her and was brushing off Brad's tux. Love, love, loved the red gerber daisies!!
Leigh's boys. Don't they just look so handsome? They did such a great job as ushers and Jonah was a candlelighter. He was so cool...even under a "little pressure."
Alise ran in to all her friends at the reception. She has also discovered the peace sign. Heaven help us!! And, yes! That is cotton candy!! The neat thing about the reception was that there was a "kids' room" complete with a cotton candy maker, animal crackers, hot dogs, and tons and tons of bag-your-own candy!

Rebekah and Alise. We've known Rebekah and her sister, Leah for a long time. They came to Louisiana to attend ULM and we never meet strangers from Alabama!
Alise dancing with her future husband, Jonah. She wanted to dance so bad and when I suggested to Wayne that he dance with her, he made an unhappy face and Alise saw it. She began crying these HUGE crocodile tears because all she wanted to do was dance a song or two. And guess who Daddy found to come to his little girl's rescue?? That oughta tell you something about who Wayne has chosen for her future husband! HA!!
Alise and Leah, the bride's sister.
Leigh and I.
Leigh and Jonah

On Saturday, Alise stayed with her Nana & Papaw (and my brother and his family who were visiting for a few days) while Wayne and I drove out of state to go furniture shopping. After four hours in the same store, I was exhausted! I was tired of looking at furniture! By the time we got home at 10:30 that night, we had gotten everything we needed except for Alise's furniture (but I already have it picked out in another store), end tables and an accent chair for the living room. I knew I didn't want to go overboard in the living room and I figured it would be better to just get a few pieces and add things like end tables and lamps later. The sad news was that our bedroom furniture is not even scheduled to be in until the middle of September and even then, it's not guaranteed. I considered picking something different, but ever since I saw the furniture in April, I've just had my heart set on it, so we purchased it anyway. The first delivery date is scheduled for July 30th!

We were so exhausted on Sunday, that we slept in. I bought some bar-be-que and we had a nice lunch at my mom and dad's before Wayne went back to work at the new house. He got TONS of painting done this weekend! I am finally happy with the linen color in the living room. I made a dent in the boxing and packing category and made lots and lots of trips back and forth shuttling boxes in my car! We are getting so close to move-in day!

These are the latest and greatest remodel pics.
The living room got the first coat of paint this weekend. It's hard to see in this picture because they look like the same color as the arches. However, there isn't any color on the arches (they were just plastered last week, so they are not starch white), but if you look closely at the bottom of the wall that the window is on, you can see white primer at the bottom of the wall and the Elegant Lace paint color above.
I painted the staircase all by myself Saturday night. So proud of myself since my husband doesn't trust me to paint.
Alise's bathroom and new cabinets. I decided to paint her bathroom the same color as her bedroom, Pink Lemonade.
Wayne hung the first door in the house this weekend, also. He did such an amazing job! This door opens to our bedroom. No paint on it yet, but it will be white.

Aw....and here it is....wait for it...wait for it....
A tiny glimpse to what may become the Crimson Tide Kitchen. Don't ask me what happened to the coral idea. Red is still warm isn't it?

And just for the asking, can somebody whip me up a batch of these bad boys and send 'em my way? You know? Since I haven't eaten everything in sight in the last four days! Just sayin'.


  1. It's lookin' real good sista. Love the arches and yes crimson is still a warm color, but y'all have got to go with crimson and not red. There's a difference.

    Give Alise hugs and kisses for me.

  2. Alise is really loving the peace sign, isn't she? Teach her to purse her lips while she does it and she'll be ready for FB!

    I love the open floor plan your house seems to have!

  3. I'm lovin' the red!!! Our dining room is flower pot by Sherwin is a pretty good brick red color. I didn't want anything with blue or maroon undertones!

  4. The house is looking sooo good! It's changing so fast! (I know it's not fast enough!!!)

    I may have to steal that picture of A and Jo dancing! How sweet!! Wouldn't it be neat if they did end up dating later??!!! I promise to be a sweet MIL!!

  5. She loves the peace sign, doesn't she! Too cute!

    The house is coming along! Lookin' good!

  6. 1. Alise-lovin' that peace sign, girl:)
    2. Leigh's boys are so handsome!! If Alise hadn't claimed that youngest one, I might have asked you to send him my way.
    3. Roll Tide-can't wait to paint you some Bama dishes for that Bama kitchen.

  7. The house is looking great! I think red is still "warm." I love the color in Alise's room and bathroom.

  8. Hey, just to clarify, I meant send him my way for MC, not me:)

  9. I love Alise's 4th of July dress and I love the idea of a red kitchen! My parents' kitchen is red and it is so pretty!

  10. Its always hard when a 3 day weekend ends. Love Alise's dress! So fun to see your house transform.