Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Back to School Already

Ok. Call me crazy, but I'm already thinking about Back To School.

I know. 4th of July was THREE days ago! (I was in Target yesterday, and they were already stocking the shelves and racks with school supplies and uniforms). But to get the really cute hand-made stuff in time for the new school year, ya gotta shop early!

I love these Back-to-School pillowcase dresses from Misty's Boutique.I think if I order this one, I'll forgo the lace and bows, but I love the polka dot apple and worm.
I think I could get away with the dress, but I'm not sure about the matching pants. Alise is so funny sometimes so the pants are probably out. But I like this outfit because it's not the "traditional school colors."
I bought these school envelopes from Sunny Day Tags two years ago when Alise was in Pre-K3. Last year, I used a different style from another seller. I can't tell you how convenient and easy having pre-printed envelopes are! You just mark the box and that's it!I've already ordered this from Molly's Custom Designs (one of my favorite sellers) in Alise's school colors. She is going to LOVE this! I got the a-line dress instead of the 2-piece pant set.I am oh-so close to ordering one of these in hot pink from Mine All Mine Designs. I LOVE them!I like notes. Period. I write notes to Alise's teachers. All the time. So how handy would these be to include in her backpack? From Lizsage.

I love these lunchbox notes! So sweet for that new preschooler or kindegardener. Heck, any child would love to get one in their lunch! Marcia's Paper Designs has several types to choose from in girl or boy designs.

A friend texted me last week and wanted to know where I got this jumper.
I bought it from Your Design last year. Visit her Etsy store here if you would like to get a cute jumper with your school's mascot or logo. I like jumpers because they are so versatile. You can pair it with a cute white Peter-Pan blouse or even a turtleneck in colder months. Alise wore this all last year and I bought it big enough so that she can wear it again this year, too.

And here is one more school outfit from Belles and Beaus SC. Dawn was SUCH a delight to work with and I will most definitely be buying from her again! She monogrammed/embroidered this design on a t-shirt for Alise and I can't wait to see her wear it with her cheerleader skirt! So all my RO friends, get your t-shirts from Belles and Beaus SC!!

Alise's "first-day-of-school-happy-for-her-teacher" will be coming from Nat Kat Designs this year! I haven't ordered it yet, but I plan to very soon. Just look at this notepad she did for Mrs. L for teacher appreciation last Spring! Absolutely love her work!!And last but not least, check out Things I Can't Say's "Back to School Celebration" here to catch some great give aways and reviews the first week in August. There is no telling what you may be able to get for FREE!!

I hope I've left you with some great ideas in time for Back to School!


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I heart the teacher envelopes...they work great! Thanks for the reminder to get mine ordered!

  2. Love it all! I can't believe the kids go back to school in the beginning of August around here. Summer is so short!

  3. These are great! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Awwww... thanks for all the cute stuff! I'm going shopping! ;)

  5. I love yours posts when you share all of the cool things you find. I need to get started looking for some of these things for Carter. I love all of those notes!!