Sunday, June 27, 2010

Too Many Parties, Too Little Time

We were slammed with birthday parties this weekend! But I don't think we were the only ones because I heard lots of parents talking about all the birthday parties they had to go to yesterday. All our fun started at 9:30 AM Saturday morning. Who knew that probably the best time to have a swimming party in Louisiana would be in the morning?

Our first party was for a sister of a church and dance friend. It was water fun backyard style complete with a huge blow up slide, slip and slides and tons of smaller pools.
I just love criss-cross bathing suits! And criss-cross bathing suits with lop-sided pig tails is no exception! Especially when cherries are involved! LOL!
Alise was more concerned about M's pet cat than going in and singing Happy Birthday or eating cake with the rest of the guests.
Alise with church and t-ball friend, K.
Alise has a problem keeping her bathing suit pulled up. I'm hoping one day the Good Lord will chose to help her out with this problem, but until then, I'll have to keep reminding her to "pull up your bathing suit!" LOL!

So at 11:30, we attended our second pool birthday party for this sweet girl.

One of the neat treats at EC's party was a snowcone maker! Absolutely perfect for a hot summer day!

Remember the Prek-4 heartthrob? Yeah, he showed up!
The party favors were SO cute and courtesy of The Crayon Princess!When I found out what a fan of Nemo that EC was, I was on a mission. Mission complete with Etsy seller Custom Clothes for Kids. When Alise saw her shirt, she said, "Where is mine?" LOL!
I love to decorate gift bags and searched high and low for Nemo stickers with no luck. I opted for the "sea look" and I thought the bag turned out wonderful!

Loved the cake! It was so similiar to Alise's mermaid cake for birthday #4.
W wasn't totally disgusted with Alise in this picture. He was actually eating some cake, but it was the best picture I had of them. We will miss W this fall!
We were exhausted after the parties and went home and napped for two hours!

Later, we went to the new house and I actually painted our bedroom while Wayne worked on rigging our bathroom for double sinks! The bathroom cabinets and vanities are suppose to arrive this week! Stay tuned. I have before and after bedroom pictures coming up tomorrow!

We hope you had a "cool" weekend!


  1. STILL no pictures of the outside of the new house? I'm still waiting! :0)

    Love the embroidered swimsuit the birthday girl was wearing. SO cute! Did she like her shirt?

  2. What a great way to beat the heat! But 2 swimming parties in a day would be hard. I would have to take a nap too. Her swim suit is so cute. I have to remind MK of the same thing.

  3. You are like SUPERWOMAN! I don't know how you do all that you do...and you do it all so well! ROCKSTAR!

    Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. Isn't W the stud from A's 4K class this past year??? xox

  5. I'm glad my girls are not the only ones with lopsided pigtails! Love the buckets! :)

  6. What precious parties and cute buckets;)

  7. Those parties look fun! I miss those kind of birthday parties!!

    yess the box was TERRIBLE, even after watching it I couldnt tell you the point of it or the plot line- it was just a mess ah!