Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pink With A Splash of Zebra

So I got a little bored one night waiting on the contractor to "tighten up his belt" and finish up our column and arches and decided to visit Etsy. Alise's new bedroom colors are white, black, pink, hot pink, and bright green. The theme is polka dots and zebra prints.

Yeah, I know.

So.....like I said, I was looking on Etsy and these are some too cute things I found:
Love these letters from Cute Baby Decor!! Not sure I want to put letters up in Alise's room just yet, but I love the combination of the two designs together! Pink camo is IN, Girlies!!
This Tutu Tote is adorable and perfect for the littlest dancer! Created by GKat Designs.
Of course, pillowcase dresses are still very popular. I've bought from Molly's Custom Designs before and was very pleased with her work.
And what little Cinderella wouldn't look oh-so precious in these sweet slippers? From Pretty Princess Bowtique. The name of the store says it all!
And you KNEW that I would have to show you the mommie-and-me matching aprons from Mimi Makes Memories. I can't wait to cook in my new kitchen!!

Maybe I'll make cupcakes and use these cute, cute cupcake wraps from Olivias Paper Shoppe!
I plan on getting this pillow for Alise. I think it would look so good with her black and white polka dot bedding!

So, if Etsy wasn't enough, then I started surfing for ideas on how to decorate her room and these are some that I actually fell in love with!
I absolutely love this window seat!
Pink and green are always winners in my book for little girls' rooms!
Check out this Barbie bedroom!
I think this little vanity set is to die for! I would love to do something similar to this in Alise's new room, so I'm looking for a cheap little vanity to refinish. Notice the chalk boards on the side of the wall. I'm planning on doing that idea, too! And it's amazing what you can do with ribbon! Look at that trash can.

The two colors I have chosen for Alise's room are Sweet Baby Girl for the ceiling and Fresh Pink Lemonade for the walls. Both colors are by Glidden. I can't wait to get started!


  1. i'll take one of each! adorable!

    can't wait to see how you pull it all together!


  2. Sorry, but the aprons look a little lingerie-ish to me! :)

    Check craigslist or freecycle for a vanity!

  3. We just painted SM's room too. We're still a little more baby-ish with our choices though. I love anything that is B&W zebra print with a solid color - pink, green, red. Cute choices. Can't wait to see finished pictures.

  4. Love, love, love the colors for Alise's room. Katie has already put in her bid for a pink room as well. I don't plan on getting in her room for another couple of years. The Barbie room is right up her alley. Have you checked out Hobby Lobby? They have some really cute pink and black decor for the bedroom. Katie insist on going down that aisle every time we are in there. We have to go slow so she has plenty of time to daydream. HAHA! You're going to have so much fun decorating. I love the chalkboard walls as well.

  5. Oh my! You are going to have so much fun decorating Alise's room. Little girl's have the cutest things! I can't wait to see what her new room looks like!

  6. So cute! This sounds like a room that Alise will love for many years! I'm painting a canvas right now with polka dots and zebra print, except the colors are orange, brown and green.

  7. Oh my goodness those are cute ideas/inspiration! I had so much fun decorating my baby girl's nursery and I can hardly wait to redo it for when she's a bigger girl! Love the prints and colors you've selected! I can't wait to see how it comes together!

  8. I was just at TJ Maxx on my lunch hour and they had tons of zebra print and pink goodies. I thought of you when I saw them and wanted to let you know. Maybe they have some good stuff near you.

  9. I've have to hide this post from Sass. You know that girl LOVES some zebra print. How are you going to do her bathroom?

  10. I LOVE all those rooms but that pink and green one is to die for! You know we looove us some zebra print over here too. Alise's room is going to be FAB!