Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Little Slugger

Tuesday night of last week was Alise's last t-ball game of the season. Wayne and I were both a little sad to see the season come to an end simply because it finally seemed like all the girls on the team were finally "getting it." Alise asked me the other day if she could play again next year and I said, "Sure!" I'm happy that she's taken an interest in some kind of sport. Her mother certainly didn't.
This is a picture of her on the pitcher's mound at the last game. I was "dugout mom" that night so this is the only pic that I got of her playing. She normally played pitcher for one inning and outfield in the second inning. Our Coach was good about moving the girls around to play all positions. Last week, Alise actually played first base. When I saw her walk to the bag, I thought, "Oh, this can't be good!" simply because Alise can field a ball pretty well, but she's not much for catching and in t-ball, the girls are trained to throw it to first base. Would you believe she got TWO outs on first base that night and then another out on third when she was playing short stop in the second inning?? Then she hit the ball on the second pitch that night as well. I was one proud moma jumping up and down!! So, so happy for our little slugger!!
Alise and J. They're gymnastics and t-ball friends.
E and Alise standing on home plate after the game.
We had a GREAT first t-ball season!

By way of house news, I am happy to say that our floor was stained yesterday. I stopped by at lunch to take a peek and was told, "Don't freak out!" That's bad when the floor guy knows that you're a "freaker-outer." Anyway, he assured me that yesterday was the "ugliest" day and today would be the "oh, it's so beautiful" day. We'll see. But yesterday was ugly and I was so worried that we had wasted all our money on the floor! But apparently staining concrete goes through many, many phases....kinda like the Ugly Duckling story, I guess. Wayne even wanted me to take pics and I told him, "I'm not taking pictures of this ugly floor!" Wish us luck! Hopefully, we'll be painting by this weekend and the bathroom cabinets are suppose to be delivered early next week. Once the countertops are delivered, we should be ready to move in!! Yipee!!


  1. YAY for Alise!!!! And they are right about the ugly floor will go away. I cried when I saw our floors like that and immediately started adding up how much it would be to put hardwoods on top. But after much wiping and buffing they turned out great. Oh and BTW...I know "J" and her mom. Friends of friends and J has been at CCS with AJ.

  2. Way to go Alise! What a great 1st T-ball year. I'm so happy for her.

    I know whatcha mean about the ugly part of a BIG project. Doug always hates when I start out a project, but loves it once it's all finished.

    Good luck with the floor this weekend.

  3. Way to go Alise! I am so proud of her. I was not an athlete at all. I hope Mary-Kate is. Sounds like she had a awesome season. Good news about your house. It is coming along quickly.

  4. Yeah for Alise! I am glad that she had so much fun. I do wish the seasons were longer because we are in the beginning of the second season and they forgot quite a bit of what they learned last year.

  5. Oh I love her pink glove! So appropriate :)
    My parents have stained concrete and it's a process for sure! We LOVE them now and they are such easy maitenance!

  6. I love that pink polka dot bat!

    I love stained hardwoods... I do wish they were a little darker though. I think my floor guy chose the color HE wanted!

  7. Lovin the polka-dot bat. And y'all had a girls-only t-ball team? Ours was co-ed. But run pretty much the same.

    I can't believe the house stuff is moving along so quickly.