Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Musings

I know I promised house pics today, but I didn't have time last night to upload the "after" pics, so bear with me. They are coming!

I've got alot of things running around inside my head today, so I thought I would give you a small glipse of just how cah-ray-zee I am these days. Here goes:

1. I've been having nightmares lately. Last night I dreamed someone was in our house. Not the new one. The current one. I saw a reflection of their face in a picture I have hanging in the hall. When I woke up, I reached over to see if Wayne was still in bed with me. Haven't been that scared in a long time. Just call me "chicken."

2.Is it just me or are the Toy Story 3 toys OUTRAGEOUS??!! On Friday, I was in Walmart shopping for birthday presents when I remembered that Alise had said she wanted a Jesse doll ("and her horse, too, Mommy!"). Our Wal-mart is currently remodeling so to find anything was like looking for a needle in a haystack. But I digress. I nearly died when I finally found the stupid doll! The price was $35!! Sounds like a Santa gift to me.

3. Speaking of Toy Story 3, I did buy some throw-away plastic sippy cups from Target but only because Alise pitched a fit for them. Have you seen the new ones? They have a rubber stopper to go over the sippy part. Well, all that would have been fine and dandy, but the cups came in a set of three and for the life of me, NONE of the Horton's can get them apart. It's like someone super glued them together! I even soaked them in hot soapy water and they still wouldn't come apart. Wayne told me to take them back, but I don't have the receipt or the original packaging.

4. The dryer is eating my panties. I thought it was socks, but I swear the number of undies I have are dwindling. I have this thing about panty lines and so I only wear a certain brand and style to avoid any embarrassment and I am down to like three pairs! WTHeck?!

5. Wayne is a groomsmen in an upcoming wedding later in July. Yesterday after church, he went to get fitted for his tux. I reminded him on the way that it's probably been 10 years since he's even worn a tux. He cared less. That is, until we got in the store! The bride picked out burnt, bright orange for the vest and tie. Burnt, bright orange for a July wedding - outside, no less. The groom will be sporting purple. Don't ask. So Wayne calls the groom right there in the store and tells him he's not wearing orange, but for Crimson Red, he'll sing at the wedding. Not quite sure how that conversation ended, but I was laughing my booty off and wondering where I could find Alise a nice dress to wear to this burnt orange shindig!

6. Michael's has their ribbon on sale this week for 50% off. I'm a ribbon girl and even more so with some ideas I have for Alise's bedroom and bathroom. I was just in Michael's Friday night and they had tons and tons and tons of ribbon. But I promise you, by 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, there was no more. I was so disappointed. Do that many people need zebra and polka dot ribbon? Maybe I'm not the only ribbon girl?

7. Saturday night, Alise and I watched the Miss Louisiana Pageant and she was enthralled. Not to be in a pageant, just to watch. When some of the contestants were singing opera songs as their talent, Alise would turn to me and ask, "Mommy, what song is she singing? I don't know the words to that song!" I died laughing.

8. Alise has figured out the camera on my blackberry. Oh, but it was a good thing. See, it kept her totally occupied for nearly an hour while I shopped at Target yesterday afternoon for clothes that weren't on sale. I had to show her how to delete them, but you could have heard her cackling all over the store!

9. The first week of swimming lessons went well. Or so Alise says. She told me one day that her teacher wanted her to jump off the side into the deep end. I asked her if she did it and she told me, "no." When I asked why, she told me, because she didn't want to. Baby Girl has it too easy!

10. I nearly broke my toe last week. It actually turned purple and blue and was very sore for a few days. I got my feet tangled up in a blanket laying on Alise's floor one morning and actually stepped ON my big toe. Ouch!

11. Last week I spent an obscene amount of money on pictures. Not just any pictures, but family pictures. Oh, and then there were some pictures of Alise in her dance outfit from recital. We haven't had professional pictures made in years so on the morning we signed on the new house, we also had pictures made at a local park. They turned out so well and I was so happy with them. I got the BIG one to go over the fireplace! It's gonna cost a fortune to have that puppy framed! Since I can't post them here, I'll go ahead and tell you that we were all sporting Alabama attire! Roll Tide!!!

12. I've been missing my father-in-law lately. We sang one of his favorite hymns yesterday morning in church, "Because He Lives." Every time we sing it, I think of him. I just feel the need to be near him and so even if Wayne decides not to go, I'm planning a trip to the big metropolis of OG and a certain sunflower field soon.

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. Father-in-laws are such special people!! Mine had an ER scare this morning, thought he was having a heart attack. Thank goodness it was something a lot less serious! I can't imagine him not being part of our lives; he is such a wonderful dad and Papaw.

  2. OMG you had me rolling with the dryer eating the panties comment!!! I was just reading along and then that popped up and I think my coworkers down the hall could hear me cracking up! Too funny!

  3. Can't wait to see those house pictures and especially the orange and purple wedding pictures! :)

  4. I love this post! All of your musings were so random but gave me a good look inside of what's going on in your life!

  5. #1 I too had a nightmare this week. I was sooo glad when I woke up! I hate those scary ones!
    #3 Try putting them in the freezer for a bit before trying to pry them apart.
    #4 I just told Todd that something was happening to mine too. I know some have to be missing. What in the world?
    #10 I broke my toe one time on a pillow! I know-weird but true. It was so displaced and broken I was off my foot completely for 6 full weeks! Nuts!
    #11 I still LOVE our family portrait! Worth every penny.
    #12 "Because He Lives" was my daddys favorite hymn too. It was sung at his funeral and took me quite some time before I could listen to it again without tears.

    Loved your post!

  6. How horrible to be having nightmares like that. Well, I hope you get rid of them quickly.

    The TS3 toys are on sale at Target and KMart. The ones that talk for $35 are on sale for $25. I've been told that you can take the sales ad to Walmart and they will honor that price. Just saying . . . Katie loves her talking Jesse that she got for her birthday.

    I understand about the dryer eating your undies. Mine has been known to do the same thing. Ugh! So aggravating.

    Please take pictures of the sunflower fields. I would love to see them again. The last time we were there, when Hollis was well, he took me to the fields and picked me a few of them. What wonderful memories we still have of our loved ones that have gone on.

    All I can say is ORANGE AND PURPLE for a Summer outdoor wedding! Wow! I've got to see pictures of this one because I can phathom.

    Lastly, ROLL TIDE! We love you and hope you had a wonderful Monday.

  7. I'll have to try the cell phone camera trick to spend more time shopping with MK. LOL on number 7.