Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Seriousness, A Little Southerness

For the last three months, we have been walking in God’s goodness and blessings for our family. I can’t begin to explain how He has allowed the circumstances of events to come together other than to say that they have happened in His perfect timing and utmost care. I believe that God truly does take care of his children and I thanked Him this morning for the fact that His blessings are not tied to my good deeds or even my failures to bring honor and glory to His name. I realize it is so much easier to have a grateful heart in the good times, so my knowing heart also prayed this morning for future grace to praise him in the bad times, too.

Having said all that, I am filled with sheer happiness today because it appears that we may have a buyer for our house. It has been for sale by owner since the day we signed the paperwork on the new house. On Sunday evening, Wayne got a call from a young woman and after hearing a little bit about the house, she decided to come Monday evening to look at it. Of course, I was embarrassed because there are boxes everywhere and the spare bedroom is a disaster area, but she asked if she could take pictures with her phone to send to her mother who lives out of town. On Wednesday morning, she called Wayne to say that she was going to the bank to get pre-approved and asked to see the house again last night because her mother would be in town. We are so excited! At least I am. Wayne keeps telling me not to get my hopes up.

As you saw from yesterday’s post, the arches are finished. At least sheet rocked, anyway. They still need to be floated. The guys have started work on the floor and the granite is ready for the countertops. Our cabinet builder should be able to deliver the cabinets for the bathrooms next week. Finally, it seems, that it's all beginning to come together.

I wanted to shout out a real nice southern, "Hey ya'll!" to my new followers. Thanks so much for choosing to read about our crazy, busy life. You are welcome to visit anytime!

And last but not least, Post-of-the-Week: Check out these amazing bathing suits that Melissa made. Yes, made. She is the most creative person I know and I have SO enjoyed reading her blog over the years. Her decorating is superb and her style is divine. And it doesn't hurt that she lives in Alabama, too!

Ya'll have a fantastic Thursday!!


  1. I was just writing along these lines in my study bible journal yesterday. We have weathered some hard times...but we were always so well tended to. Just like the little birds. I learned through this past long hardship that the ones who come bearing olive leaves for Heavenly Father can do so much in the way of keeping you going. There is just something about seeing that olive leaf in the storm that kept me going. Jesus to those he tells you to minister to. Give them hope...because that is what the Lord wants for us a hope and a future. Good post, friend.

  2. It's interesting that you would post this today. I had a long and serious talk with a friend about how much God loves us. How his grace and mercy don't in any way depend on our goodness or faithfulness. He is so faithful and steady.

    I told my friend that I could live without anything in this world, or anyone really, but I could not survive without God.

    I will pray for the sale of your house.

    Also, the bathing suits are darling. If I had a granddaughter, I would definitely buy her one. In the meantime, i will just spend my money on myself. LOL.

    I have, in fact, had a wonderful Thursday.

    ~hippo hugs~

  3. I just love you, Laura. You are such an amazing person!! I am so thankful that God let our paths cross.

  4. Ask Alise-Nemo, Squirt, or Dori--and what color bucket. I have hot pink, lime green, yellow, turquoise, orange. You can email me, and I will do hers tonight.