Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday Parties & Give Aways (Don't Miss 'Em!)

This weekend, we celebrated our little cousin's 2nd birthday! I loved watching Alise take her two cousins by the hand and lead them around everywhere. It almost made me wish that maybe we had another member of the Horton family.


That is, until Alise walked up to me and said, "Mommie, I'm going to throw up!"

Yep! We had barely left the party and she started throwing up all in the car. Ugh! At first I thought that she had caught the stomach bug that is going around, but after she slept for two hours and got up feeling fine, I begin to think that maybe she just got too hot running around and drank WAY too much juice too quickly on top of sweet cake. All's well now.

I've got TWO giveaways that I want to share with you from two of my favorite blogs!

Visit my friend, Carey at Providence and enter her a-mazing give away from Prints Charming, which is a quaint monogram shop located in Lake Providence (for all my local readers). What is so neat about this give away is that I was talking to someone about this shop just this weekend at the party. Two mentions of this store in the same day....I think that is an omen that I need to visit soon! Those white monogrammed dresses are calling my name! I know where some sunflowers are blooming nearby for pics, too! Can you say "ROAD TRIP"??

Also, one of the funniest bloggers you will evah meet is hosting a give away each day this week and today's is for my sweet friend, The Crayon Princess! Some of you will remember her great work on this special gift for me here. I just love her paintings and I hope she won't hyperventalate when I ask her to paint me some BAMA things soon! So go say "Hi!" to Semi-Slacker and leave a few comments (or happy pills) to win!!
Semi-slackr's Vacation week of Giveaways

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. You are so sweet! Bring on the Bama stuff:)

  2. That cake is incredible! Happy Monday!

  3. That cake is amazing! I am glad Alise wasn't sick. MK did that very thing one day last week. She got too hot at her school. With nice weather, they had been playing outside quite a bit that day.

  4. Awww, little Alise is surely growing up! Are you SURE you don't want another little Horton? I will just have you over to snuggle my new baby and then you will have not choice but to be fully sick with the baby bug. ;)

  5. Happy pills! Love it! You are too sweet.