Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Before & After Bedroom Pictures

I have gotten so many questions about the new house remodel and how that project is going. Faster is the word.

For so long, it seemed that we weren't making any progress - and really, we weren't - because of the delay with the contractor for the addition of the arches. But it seems ever since he finished, we've been able to see results much faster.

The flooring was finished last week by a friend and excellent concrete stainer. JR actually went to "school" in Miami to learn the technique. My utmost concern was that you would be able to see "lines" in the kitchen and bathrooms where there had previously been tile. And I have to say that even after JR's assurance of "character," I was still worried about seeing the lines. But guess what! No lines! I was one happy woman!! We did actually run into two problems: 1. JR's machine wasn't able to reach all the way under the cabinets in the kitchen for the sanding so the grout lines were still showing about two inches under the cabinets. Wayne took off the cabinet doors, and it worked! 2. The concrete in the home is very uneven throughout and that caused a slight problem with the staining, but overall we are very pleased with the results. For expense reasons, we decided not to have the floor scored (lines! Ha!) and the color we chose was "cola." These pictures, just don't do it justice.
And in case you've forgotten, here is the color pallet again as well as where I got the inspiration for those colors. All from a $12 pillow from Steinmart. Who knew?So on to the bedrooms (two of the three)!

Alise's room went from this.....
To this.....

And yes, Dearies! Those are hot pink and hot orange walls! Don't ask 'cause I have no idea. You're looking at before pictures after we had taped everything and prepped for priming. The closet doors are gone (getting new) and the "snow" on the carpet is from the scraped ceilings. Alise is very excited about her pink room! We chose Sweet Baby Girl Pink for the ceiling and Pink Lemonade for the walls. The lighting and my camera didn't work well together, but rest assured, they are not "pepto pink."

And our bedroom started here.....

And ended here......
The white "polka dots" in the before pictures are just patching of scrapes and holes. Wayne had already ripped down the border and that's what's laying on the floor along with more "snow." You can see the door that leads to the master bath.

For those of you wanting to know why I painted the master bedroom a grayish blue, well, it was a color in the pillow, but this was my true inspiration:I absolutely LOVE this bedroom. Can't wait to show you how our's compares the more I decorate.

This week, we have a painter coming to float the sheet rock in my cave, the arches, and to do some patching in other areas as well as prime the bathrooms. The bathroom vanities and cabinets are to arrive this week. JR gave us the name of a cheaper granite dealer so he will be coming out to measure the kitchen for countertops (nearly a $20/square foot savings! Woot!). I have finally decided on a color and shade for the living room/hall/stairs so we will probably begin painting those this week, too.

I am so excited about how it is all coming together!


  1. Lookin good! If you have any tips on scraping the ceilings, let me know...my in-laws are about to start that process!

  2. It looks great! Love the colors. The flooring is really neat.

  3. It's so fun to see it all coming together! You'll be so glad you scraped the ceilings. It will really update it! Lovin' the color scheme!

  4. looks great! I love the color of your bedroom --and the pic of the inspiration! Can't wait to see the finished rooms!--and I'm really interested to see the finished arches!

  5. I love the "inspiration" picture. I was already planning on doing my bedroom in that gray color. I love the letter above the bed and have someone who could make that for me. So I am glad I have your blog to come back to whenever I get ready to start! Thanks

  6. It's all so gorgeous! Wish everybody could see it in person, the pictures just don't show how pretty it all is! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the floors!!

  7. Looks good! I know are getting so excited!

  8. Love your blue... so soft and soothing. Reminds me of my blue!

  9. I got nervous for you when I saw hot pink and orange, but there was a sigh of relief when I read that was the "before.":) Beautiful colors; you are going to love your new home!

  10. I love it! You're doing a great job. It's lots of work, but so worth it.

    We were talking about coming around Labor Day. Do you think you'll be in then?

  11. Oh,I LOVE stained concrete! Everything looks FAB!!!

  12. A wee bit jealous. I hoping to get a jump on some of the 'improvements' I want to make this summer!

    Thanks for commenting at Single Mom in the South via GTKY. Sorry it took me so long to stop in and visit!

  13. Oh my goodness, I love that bedroom too! Can't wait to see how it turns out!