Monday, May 03, 2010

Our Life in Numbers

Sorry for the itemization, but it's the only way I can collect my thoughts these days. Enjoy!

1. Alise played pitcher last week for two t-ball games and did an AWESOME job!! I'm not just sayin' that 'cause she's my kid! She and little church friend, K, make an awesome duo! Alise swept up the ball, threw it to K who was playing first base and made the poor little girl runner for the other team cry because she got out! Talk about tough!

2. The funny part of that story is that it took Alise three tries to figure out that she needed to take the ball with her when she ran to home plate to beat the run! She would throw the ball to K, and then run to home plate! I was laughing my head off!! So me!

3. One of Alise's teammates' dad is from Alabama. Don't ask me where. He tried to explain it to me and I was like, "Yeah, uh huh!" So anyway. One night at the game, he was wearing a Bama baseball hat and Alise came running up to the fence shouting, "Mommie, Mommie! That man is wearing a Bama hat!" I told her to go tell him, "Roll Tide." Well, she wouldn't do it. So finally she got a hit and made it to first base where the dad was coaching and I heard her say, "Roll Tide!" That, my friends, was a proud moment!

4. If you're a Talbot's girl like me, check out Puttin' on the G.R.I.T.S.' give away here! Tell her I sent you, but I hope I win! I so need some work clothes that fit. I'm about to walk out of my J. Jill linen pants that I've had for nearly five years. A little ashamed to admit that, but if you'd paid $60 bucks for linen pants, you'd still be wearing them, too!

5. Thank you so much for all your sweet words on our house news! Excitement doesn't begin to describe how I'm feeling. I have already picked out the granite and back splash for the kitchen and Wayne has got the flooring guy and a carpenter lined up to give us estimates. Brooke wanted to know if Alise would still be going to the same {private} school and the answer is yes {Thank you, God!}! We've already put down the deposit for the 2010-2011 school year and I'm secretly hoping that she gets my kindegarten teacher from thirty years ago. We'll see.

6. Speaking of kindegarten, I had my last conference wtih Mrs. L last week to discuss Alise's progress and scores on the recent stardardize tests the school took in March. She did very well and will be promoted to kindegarten. I nearly cried through the whole conference. It just blows my mind that my baby girl is growing up! But I also walked away as the "over-achieving mom" and went to Books-A-Million at lunch and bought books for her to actually read. I am determined that she will be reading before she starts kindegarten. She's almost there.

7. On Saturday, I went to my high school ala mater and signed Alise up for cheerleading. No more dance or gymnastics in the Fall. Alise has decided that she wants to be a true cheerleader! It is a traveling cheer squad and I'm excited about all the neat things she'll get to do. We'll have competitions around the state and one in Arkansas. Last year the pee-wee cheer squad won first place! The bad thing is that she begins in June. I was hoping to have the summer off. No rest for the weary.

8. My little brother and his family were in for the weekend! We had a great time visiting! Baby Brother Baylor should be here by September 1st!! Not me, Girlies! My SIL!!

9. Seeing the picture of my old piano in the background of the picture above reminded me that I finally gave my mom "permission" to sell it. I was so hoping to take it with me, but I simply don't have room. Besides, the only playing it gets now is when Alise and Brooklyn decide to beat and bang on it.

10. One of my bridesmaids found me on Facebook. It was so good to catch up with her again! She was like my little sister fifteen years ago and we just lost touch after married life.

11. Wayne and I have become HGTV gurus! Our TV hardly leaves that channel now. We love it and all the great ideas!!


  1. Anonymous6:42 AM

    We are HGTV addicts over here :-) Also DIY network!! Sounds like you've been busy lately!! Enjoy your new house decorating!!

  2. We love HGTV too! I love that Alise did so well being pitcher. I know you are thrilled she did so well on her tests and is ready for Kindergarten. Now are you ready. I get teary eyed just thinking about it.

  3. Alise's hair looks so cute in braids! And there is no doubting you and your brother are siblings :)

  4. Alise is just too cute! So glad things are going well for ya'll:)

  5. Love me some HGTV! You should also check out the reruns of Divine Design on Fine Living Network. Good design tips there, too! Yeah for the cheerleader!

  6. Anonymous4:16 PM

    ILove your blog!! I'm one of the "quite" ones!!

    doing the happy dance for you w/your new house and all the fun ahead of you!!

    I Love Alise's clothes! she's such a pretty little girl!

    my "little" girl is 8 now,
    I wanted to scream, DON'T sell the piano!! --YET!! Alise may decide at some time she'd like to take lesson's!!
    (that's where we are w/my daughter! and no piano :(
    Have a GREAT SUMMER! I know yall will be busy!!

    Tina in West Texas

  7. Alise looks so cute with braids! Tell me that you can braid.. It's a must!