Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Last Day of School #2

So you just thought yesterday was the last day of school in our world?


After I got off work yesterday evening, I met The Crayon Princess to pick up this sweet gift for Ms. L!

I was SO excited to finally see the finished plate and nearly burst in to tears right there in the parking lot! I told you I was a crier. I cried when she sent me the pencil sketch late last week! The Crayon Princess is an A-mazing artist and I love all her painting and artwork. I can't wait to get her to paint me some Alabama serving pieces for football season. Please visit her blog and tell her that I sent you! Love you, Crayon Princess!

So this morning, we took the plate to school and Alise couldn't wait for Ms. L to open it! She couldn't wait to read all the names to her teacher.Ms. L loved the plate and I was so glad! I knew she would! Many of Alise's classmates decided not to return after yesterday's end of the year program, but the students that were there this morning loved seeing their sweet faces on the plate, too!

On another note, we close on our house this Friday morning.

And lastly, it's hard to believe that five years ago tonight, I got a call from my OB/GYN wanting to know where I was and why I wasn't at the hospital ready to deliver a Baby Girl.


  1. Cute plate!

    Where were you five years ago and why weren't you ready to deliver your baby girl?

  2. Oh, that plate is too cute!!! I ordered one similiar for Ethan's teacher, but never got the order! NOT from the your gal though. Hard to believe another school year has come and gone!

  3. Love that plate, I am definitely going to visit her blog! What a great gift!

  4. I love that plate. What a great idea!

  5. Too cute... I think I need to pass along your blog post to MY room mom! I'd LOVE a plate like that...

  6. That is the cutest teacher gift I have ever seen!

  7. I love the plate! Isn't she AWESOME!