Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday, Alise!

Happy Birthday, Alise!!

We love you very much!!

Tonight we took Alise to a local Mexican restaurant for her birthday supper. It's what she chose because she said she wanted chips and salsa. Then we took her to the mall and turned her loose in Claire's with $20. That lasted all of ten minutes. We paid for the four items she picked out and I begin to curse myself for letting her buy a stupid toy iphone that would NOT SHUT UP!!! We walked next door to Gymboree while Wayne went to Sears to check out washers and dryers. Then we came home and ate cupcakes that she and Nanna made today along with the leftover ice cream cups from her birthday party.

And now the birthday girl is sound asleep in her bed. But before she drifted off to sleep, she told me that she had had a great birthday! So that made up for all the drama that happened this morning. Ugh!

Etta asked why I wasn't at the hospital when I was suppose to be five years ago. I guess I've never shared that little chaotic diddy.

A week before Alise was born, I had my weekly appointment with my doctor. We had already discussed the absolute latest my doctor would let me go because at the time, I did not want to be induced. I wanted to go into labor naturally. Apparently I looked a lot more uncomfortable than I thought, because Dr. S told me, "Well, whenever you get ready, just go on over to the hospital and I'll meet you there." Yeah, right.

Two days before my next scheduled doctor's appointment and after my due date came and went, I started feeling bad and Wayne and I did everything our doula told us to bring on labor! Including eating the salsa at a local Mexican restaurant that was sure to do the trick. Nope. Still no baby. And then we began thinking about how neat it would be for Alise to be born on 05/25/05, which was the day of my next doctor's appointment. We agreed that we would visit Dr. S and tell her that we were ready to be admitted.

Of course, nothing ever goes as planned and Dr. S had to cancel all her afternoon appointments because she had to do an emergency surgery downtown. I explained to the nurse our plans and that Dr. S had told me when I got ready to go to the hospital that I could go so she called to confirm and Dr. S gave verbal orders over the phone for me to be admitted.

The hospital was right across the street from Dr. S's office and it was where I worked at the time, so I went bee-bopping down the labor and delivery hall and showed them the orders I had. They asked me if I was in labor. I wasn't. They agreed to check me and put me on a monitor. And because I wasn't in active labor and because the department was short handed, I got sent home. Sent home, people. I worked for the hospital, had doctor's orders and still got sent home.

Around 10:30 that night - after I had gobbled down a steak and baked potato and while Wayne and I were watching a Leonardo DiCaprio movie (I can't remember the name of it), and pouting about our daughter not being born on the day we wanted - the phone rang. It was Dr. S and she wanted to know why I wasn't in the hospital. After I explained what happened, she was ticked to say the least and told me to be at the hospital at midnight.

Dr. S broke my water at 12:30 AM on May 26th and the contractions started. Of course, Wayne being the man that he is, wanted me to do the whole she-bang naturally. Dumby me agreed to go as far as I could. Well, that lasted all of seven centimeters and then I was calling for the epidural. The epidural slowed things a bit and I had trouble with one part of my cervix thinning enough for delivery, but by 7:30 AM, we were pushing. All of us. I nearly broke Wayne's hand. But at 9:15 AM, we had a precious Baby Girl and I was the happiest Mommy in the world.

I still am.


  1. Happy Birthday Alise! I hope you know what a lucky little girl you are!

  2. What a beautiful story! Happy Birthday to Alise.

  3. Aww... don't you just hate hospitals? I hate that patient care has to suffer just because a facility is short-staffed. Cute story, though.

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet Alise!