Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dancing Queens

The great dancing weekend celebrating our studio's 50th anniversary finally came to an end for us on Saturday night. Our studio has a total of SIX (I think) recitals that begin on Friday at 5:30 and the last performance begins at 7:30 on Saturday night. Alise's recital was Friday night and she was SO excited!! We couldn't get to the Civic Center fast enough!

The night would not be complete without alot of drama and mishaps. There was actually a little girl that threw up on stage. I felt so sorry for her. They had to stop the music and take the little ones back off stage. Someone had to bring out a mop and paper towels. The little girl that got sick was actually a friend of Alise's friend, E and I found out that the little girl wasn't feeling well before the show began. However, she came right back out and danced with her class. Then, there was another "cleaning up" session, but I missed that one so I'm not sure what actually happened.

This post has TONS of pictures and lots of Alise with her friends because they are so special to her, but as always, I want to protect their names. And I apologize for the poor quality of some of the photos, but the lighting and movement were a problem with my smaller camera (I was too scared to carry in my Nikon because I was scared it would be confiscated at the door!). Enjoy!

Look at those lashes! Aren't they the longest evah??

Mom and Alise
In front of the fountain at the Civic Center
Can you tell the sun was in our eyes?
Going up the steps to the front of the arena.
A and Alise
We packed a bag filled with books and coloring books to keep Alise busy back stage. I thought the book she picked out was most appropriate!
This is a picture of Mrs. Linda Lavender and Alise. Mrs. Linda is the owner of our studio and founder of the Twin City Ballet Company. We celebrating 50 years of dance in her honor. She is a fabulous dance instructor and choreographer.
Alise and I back stage waiting for all her fellow dancers to show up.
Alise with friends from church.
Alise with her t-ball team mate, E.
A certain Mommie & Daddy waiting with MUCH anticipation!
My favorite picture of Alise ballet dancing to "Constant As the Stars." It was not her best performance, but she made up for it with her tap routine. We were not suppose to take pictures during the performances, but some certain proud Daddy snatched the camera out of my purse and started snapping away.
And decided to take pictures of her friends, too!

Best friend, E.
At the finale.
Me, Alise, Ms. L, EC, and Ms. J. We were so glad to have friends there!

Just look at that bun! I think I did pretty good if I say so myself.

On Saturday night, we attended EC's performance. It was so special to take Alise because she has never got to see the performances because she's always back stage. She absolutely LOVED it! She laughed and giggled and danced in the aisles!
And since Wayne got away the night before with taking pictures, I decided to be a rebel, too. I didn't use my flash, though. I just love all of EC's expressions! She did a FAB job!

Beautiful Ballerinas!


  1. She looked so beautiful! I know you are a proud momma!

  2. So sweet and cute! Glad you guys had a good time!

  3. Alise looked so precious! Katie loves her dress.

  4. That pic of her and your mother is beautiful. You need to frame that one!!

  5. Those are terrific pictures! I love the pictures with you and Alise. She looks like a little doll. I bet it was a great recital.

  6. How sweet! She will have such wonderful memories of these dance recitals! Love all the purple!
    PS I am passing along an award to you--if it is not your thing, no worries.

  7. How beautiful and sweet. This brings back so many memories. My Gretch danced for twelve years at the same studio. Recital time was hectic and fun. I must admit I was relieved when it was over.

    Thanks for sharing these great photos.

    ~hippo hugs~

  8. She looks beautiful--I can't believe those eyelashes!!!