Thursday, May 06, 2010

Coral Equals Warmth

More internet surfing of the color coral. When Mirya said that the color reminded her of the Caribbean, I laughed. Only because that thought never crossed my mind.

Here's the deal: I'm almost scared to even go with the coral color scheme. Growing up, we had a separate living area in our home and my mom had "nicer" furniture in that room and that was when the "earth tone" colors of the '70's were big and popular. I feel like I am re-living my youth and growing up, I thought that couch and chair were the ugliest things I had ever seen. And here I am! Wanting to use nearly the same color scheme. Like they say: what goes around comes around. It's taken nearly thirty years, but here we go again.

My main reason for wanting to go with this color scheme is because I want the house to be warm and inviting. And since we're opening up the whole kitchen and living room areas, I feel like that's where we will spend the majority of our time as a family and entertaining. Besides, I've lived with taupe for fifteen years, and I'm ready for some c-o-l-o-r!

Thank you so much for your comments and ideas. Everyone seems to be of the same mindset with the leather and accenting with a fabric piece (chair). That makes me feel better and I'll be showing you some fabric swatches next week. I also think I have decided to go in a darker shade of coral in the kitchen to go with the light oak cabinets...but not too dark!

So here are some pictures that I found on the internet. Let me know what you think!This picture shows a little darker shade of coral. Really too dark for me, but it's in the same family. One thing that I noticed about the color is that it is most always paired with white. There is no white in our house; everything seems to be light oak. But it will still be fun to mix and match shades and colors.

This pictures is probably a little too orange. But I love the chandelier!

Like this picture but minus the coral carpet.
I really like this picture because the chair color seems to be more the shade that I'm hoping to go in. Also, notice the wall color. I'm not sure what it is? Maybe a very light taupe? Love, love, love the accent of the zebra print. It's different and breaks up the monotony.
Love this picture and the accents of yellow. The color of the dining room chairs are about the color of our kitchen cabinets, so this assures me that it will look just as good without the white.
And this is the picture that began it all! I found it about two weeks ago and just fell in love! This is the picture that I keep coming back to. Don't you just feel the warmth?

Love it, love it, love it!

P.S. My mom is laughing her head off!


  1. LOVE the last picture, I actually like all of the colors besides the first picture.. I know this is exciting for you to be picking all of this out :)

  2. I love the coral color. I am just not very brave. I have taupe in my house. I loved the splash of coral with the zebra print.

  3. Love it - the coral looks so fresh and crisp with the white trim.

  4. I think it will be gorgeous! You can always paint your cabinets white haha!

  5. So glad you enjoy this. Decorating is SO not my thing and I can tell you this would be SO stressful for me!

  6. I'm going to post a picture of my bathroom, which is a little much, but I love it.

    I love the idea of the coral ceiling. I would never have thought of that.

    I'm excited for you as you begin decorating your new home.

    ~hippo hugs~

  7. I love yellow!!! And the reds are soooo pretty!

  8. I love the zebra print!

  9. I wasn't sure about the coral, but I LOVE, LOVE that last picture with the yellow and plaids. You are on the right track; it will be beautiful!

  10. Love the last two pics for sure! I say go with your heart!

  11. Sorry for my absence lately. Your posts haven't been coming up lately. Probably since I have a million (but only a few faves, like you)! I'm excited for you about the new house. We painted our sunroom coral-ish. It's on my blog somewhere (Aug. 09).

  12. Thanks for your sweet comments on my throw pillow post! Here are my decorating tips: go with the bottom two pictures... I love them!

    Oh, just saw my sweet friends PG&S loves the bottom too as well!!!

  13. LOVE the coral color! It is such a welcoming color.