Monday, May 10, 2010

Busy Busy!

You Girlies were so nice about Alise's mermaid outfit I posted about here, that I thought I would brag a little more about the roll I was on about getting her to wear her "cute" clothes to school again. It seems that after Christmas, I have had such a hard time getting Alise to wear any of her nicer clothes to school and it has just been a struggle every morning. I think my Gymboree days are gone. And don't even mention wearing anything smocked! Heaven forbid! So imagine my sheer shock when she agreed to wear this last Thursday! A cute zebra print pillowcase dress with bright lime green ties. You can't see it in the picture, but there is a monogrammed "A" (of course) in lime green on the front of the dress.

Now, on Friday, I did let her pick out what she wanted to wear and she insisted on wearing her cheerleader outfit. She is so excited to be starting cheer practice this summer. This is a picture of her mailing Mother's Day cards before school.

We had a t-ball game Friday evening. Alise is loving t-ball! She's chewing gum in this picture and looks a little haggered because it was so hot and humid that evening. Yuck!

As for the mermaid outfit, someone emailed me and asked if I would be willing to sell it. The answer is yes, but I really want Alise to get some more wear out of it before she totally outgrows it. It is a size 4T and is green and yellow plaid with Ariel and Flounder smocking. I will post here to give anyone the option to buy it later this year. I bought it last year for our birthday trip to Disney World.

I'm so sad that we will have to cancel our beach plans in July with our Alabama cousins. Alise is SO upset because that's all she's talked about is going back to the beach! But due to the oil spill in the Gulf, we have decided to postpone our vacation. Now we're looking for another place to visit with four adults and three kids. Anybody got any suggestions?

I am knee-deep in birthday party plans this week! Alise's party is on Sunday afternoon and I cannot believe how I've waited until the last minute to do everything! SO unlike me. I still haven't found all the lollipops I need and I just ordered the labels for them off Etsy today. The seller promised they would be here by Saturday. I think I have even surprised myself because I certainly didn't go all out this year like I normally do. I've just had other things (like a house!) on my brain, but I'm sure Alise will still have a great party!
I say all of this to let you know that IF I post this week, they will be short and sweet!

Everybody have a GREAT week!!


  1. Don't worry. You are a great planner and organizer and I'm sure the Birthday party will turn out fine.

    As for vacation, just keep looking on the internet. You'll find something fun, I'm sure.

    ~hippo hugs~

  2. Aww man I was just about to start planning our beach vacation. Is the water really nasty? My mom and dad are going to Mobile on a cruise I'll have to get them to pay attn to the water - lol!

  3. I'm bummed about the beach this year as well and little miss looks adorable!!!

  4. That is so precious that Alise will wear her pillowcase dresses. Mk won't wear hers. I am miffed by this. I bought some really cute ones last year. Maybe it is just a phase.
    My sister in law and brother in law had plans to go to the beach. They are rethinking it too.

  5. I'm sure even the party will still be fabulous even without you going over & beyond! :) Sundays are perfect days for parties.