Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcome Strawberry Season!

I have been reading some A-mazing blogs this past week!! Some really funny stories, combined with yet some rather serious reads, too, and yet they have all been wonderful! Reading blogs is so different from reading anything else, don't cha think? So much variety that I never get bored.

So keep it up, Girlies! You inspire me!!

So much so that I decided to make a 3-layered cake for the first time in my thirty-seven years!! How does that hit you for inspiration?

Yep, when I read the recipe and realized that I needed not one, not two, but THREE freakin' cake pans, I seriously thought, "I need to just go back to cooking crawfish and shrimp!" Ha!

Last week, I noticed that Mr. Strawberry Man's annual harvest has come in and I am just dying to feast on some good ol' fresh Louisiana strawberries! Aren't you?

So my taste buds (or cravings) got the better of me and I decided to google "fresh strawberry cake" (since I've never made one before....fresh, that is. I'm not talking about out-of-a-box, Girlies!) and lo and behold this A-mazing recipe just popped out at me and now I am forevah in love with this new site! Can you say, "Cake-lovers' heaven??" I've already started a list of all the delish cakes I want to make!

But seriously. Doesn't this cake look awesome??

And mine turned out the exact way! Who knew?? Yeah, did!

And you thought I was one cake pan short of a cake! Ha!

(Photo courtesy of Like you didn't know.)


  1. Looks divine! We just went to a Strawberry festival this past weekend and stocked up. This recipe would be great! Have a good week, Laura.

  2. UM...I want some of that cake RIGHT NOW! You can send me some :)

  3. That cake looks fantastic! I could eat it all by myself! Lurve strawberry cake.

  4. I love Strawberries so very much! And the cake looks delicious!

  5. That cake looks so yummy!! Now I want to make one!! I made some fresh strawberry muffins a few weeks ago (a recipe from Louisiana of course!) and they were divine. I need to make a strawberry pie before they go out of season down here!

  6. yum, yum!!! Thank you for sharing, I can't wait to make one!! It's my FAVORITE cake!!!

  7. ummm, my phone didn't ring telling me I could come get a piece of that cake.....

  8. That cake looks amazing! I LOVE strawberry anything. I really need to get back in the kitchen to try some new recipes.