Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Easter!!

I took a small break from Blogger and Twitter to enjoy the true meaning of Easter with my family and friends. We had a FAB.u.lous time basking in the fresh Spring air and taking in all the wonderful activities that go on this time of year! One of which was our church's annual Easter Eggstravaganza! Can you say, "So much fun?"Pony Ride #1
We met up with our friends, A & K right before the egg hunt begun. Alise was slightly disappointed that she didn't get that many eggs. There were just so many kids!!

Pony ride #2.
My evah so graceful child coming down the inflatable slide.
Me & Baby Girl. I just realized by new hair color nearly matches the color of the leaves on the tree! Yowser!!
And thanks to my blog friend, Janna, for sending Alise some Taylor Swift guitar pics from a recent concert! Alise was ecstatic!! She couldn't wait to dig out her Taylor Swift t-shirt, grab her hair brush and start singing, "You Belong With Me." Video to come later this week. Thanks, Janna!!
Leigh and I went to see "One Last Song" on Saturday night. It was a good movie and we ate lots of popcorn! The perfect GIRL night and I so needed it! I've missed my BFF!! Yes, I forgot to use my flash, but I didn't wanna make it "obvious" (unlike two young girls in front of us that probably took about forty pictures of themselves!!)!

After church this morning, we made pictures in front of our azalea bushes that are just now beginning to bloom.
This was the first Easter that Alise didn't wear lavender or some type of smocked dress and it nearly sent this moma into a tailspin! As I was tying the back of her dress this morning, I couldn't help but think, "Oh, my word! In about twenty years, I'll be buttoning up her wedding dress!" I don't know. It just hit me like that. But I thought she looked absolutely wonderful in pink, too.

Here's proof that Alise and I looked like Easter eggs this year in our new dresses. Wayne told us that we looked beautiful and that made us both very happy!

Loved this pic of Daddy getting something off Baby Girl's dress.
And my new absolute FAV.O.RITE picture!

God has blessed me so much by the gifts of my husband and daughter. But nothing means more to me than the promise and hope I have in the very meaning of what Easter is all about. I serve a risen Savior who loves me so much that even if I were the only one on earth, Christ would still have died for me. He feels the same way about you, too.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Love your Easter dresses:)

  2. Love all the pictures, especially both pink dresses. Southern girls gotta love their smocking!

  3. Love the pics and the dresses! and the last part :)

    Great post!

  4. I say, "Amen, sist(ah)." These are great pics. I love your dress. You all look beautiful (and handsome).

    ~hippo hugs~

  5. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Beautiful family, Laura!!!

  6. You and Alise look GORGEOUS!! And Wayne-O looks very handsome!! I love y'all's dresses!!

    Can't wait for our next movie!!

  7. aw, love the pics! and loove your Easter dress- so pretty!! ha Welcome back to blogging and twitter after your weekend off!

  8. What a great post! Your whole family looked Beautiful for Easter! No smocking...that is a sad day :) but Alise looked so pretty in her pink too!
    Praise the Lord we serve a Risen Savior!

  9. I love your Easter pictures! There are so beautiful. Alise's dress is so pretty. I love yours too. I am glad you all had an awesome day.

  10. LOVE all the Easter pictures! And Laura your dress was beautiful!

  11. You guys are such a BEAUTIFUL family! Loved Loved Loved the dresses!

    I am so glad Alise got her stuff from the concert...I love the look on her face!

    Have a GREAT week!

  12. Alise is getting so least she looks like it to me. I love her dress! You both looked beautiful!

  13. Great pictures! When I first started scrolling through them, I wondered why she wasn't in purple! But I think this Easter dress looks perfect on her. And I love your dress too! Very stylish.

  14. LOVE all the pics! Glad ya'll had a good Easter! :)

  15. What beautiful family pics--I especially love the one of Alise in her Eater dress by the azaleas!

  16. Love the picture of you and A at the Easter Egg Hunt!

    Also, your last few sentences gave me chills...

    Alleluia, He is Risen Indeed!

  17. You all look gorgeous!!!! I love the pictures! Who took the picture of you and Wayne? You two are such a cute couple!!

  18. You all look amazing! Love the dresses :) Gorgeous photos!