Saturday, April 17, 2010

First T-Ball Game

Today was the first day of t-ball season at our local recreation center where Alise plays. We had to be there at 8 o'clock! Yikes! Eight o'clock on a Saturday morning? Believe it or not, we made it!

After the opening ceremony, we had about three hours before our first scrimmage, so we went back home, rested up and had a hearty breakfast. Then, right before lunch time, we were back on the field ready to play ball! We had two scrimmage games back to back and let's just say that the girls were really tired after the first one.

Alise did really well. She had good hits and fielded the ball really well, too. Today she played second and third base and was the first batter. They don't keep score in t-ball, but Coach said that the team played really well and that he was proud of them. I thought so, too, after playing for two hours straight in the hot sun in the heat of the day!

Here she is coming across home plate. Baby Girl is a little fast runner. She cracks me up because she is so serious! That's our Coach on the right. We really like him because he is so laid back and just lets the girls play and have fun which is the most important thing.
This was the last picture I took of Alise playing third base. By that time, she was tired and I even caught her yawning a time or two.

Lucky for us, most of our games are in the evenings during the week. So hopefully, there won't be any more hot, hot games!

The funniest thing that happened today was the catcher for one of the opposing teams. Her shoe was untied and she started walking off the field toward our dugout. Her mother said, "Girl, get yourself back on that field!" and the little girl said, "I can't! My shoe's untied!" I thought I was gonna fall out of my chair! T-ballers are hilarious!!


  1. I am lovin Alise's bat, glove, and backpack. She looks so precious in her T-ball gear. I am glad she had a great first game.

  2. So cute! Yes, they are so funny out on the field! We are having so much fun with it!!!

  3. A is such a cutie! Love all the pictures.

  4. Is that a polka-dot t-ball bat??

  5. Ilove the bat! There was a little girl on Carter's team last year with one and she looked so cute going up to bat with her pink bat, shoes, batting glove and helmet. Glad you got the early one out of the way! That is entirly too early for tee-ball, especially on a Saturday morning!