Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beth Moore Weekend

This weekend, I attended the Beth Moore "So Long Insecurity" Simulcast with a very sweet blogger friend, Casey, and her mom, Christi. We had so much fun talking, getting to know one another better and hearing Beth bring such an amazing message.

We attended the simulcast 30 miles away at a very nice Methodist Church. When we got there, it was pouring and lightening. The room was small and these wonderful women just kept coming in. Soon, more tables and chairs had to be added in the room to accommodate everyone, which was a good thing. But one of the most memorable moments for me was when all our sweet voices were praising and worshiping God, all of a sudden, the sun broke through the clouds and light filled the room and I just knew that God, in all His glory, was smiling down on us from Heaven. It was the moment I knew I was where I was suppose to be.

Beth's message was based on Ephesians 4:17-24. She challenged us to be better women of God for the sake of our daughters, our granddaughters, and for "all the baby girls that were being born today."

Before I had Alise, I was a very selfish and shallow person. In 2004, God and I began having "baby conversations." I knew that He just wanted me to yield to Him in faith and "give in" to the whole baby idea. But I still struggled so much with my own desires and I just told him, "God, what if I have a baby and they grow up and do something that totally embarrasses and humiliates me?!" And immediately I heard God say to me, "Laura, the absolute worst thing that your child could ever do is die not knowing Me." I was so speechless that I knew the only thing I could do was jump on the baby bandwagon.

I say all this because I was reminded this weekend how extremely important my spiritual role is as a mother. God has blessed me with this beautiful little girl and it's my job to teach her all the things that I've learned about God and his love for her. And because I now realize that the absolute worst thing would be for her to not know Him as her Lord and Savior. What would that say about me and the life that I live?

Alise has been asking me lately about baptism. The thought absolutely scares her to death and when she first started asking me about it, she told me that she never wanted to be baptised and that just broke my heart. So I've tried to explain to her that being baptised is a good thing and that it is a sign to everyone that Jesus lives in our heart. So now when we talk about it, she smiles instead of having this horrified look on her face. I still think that she is too young to make a decision now, but my prayer every day is that she will one day decide on salvation through Jesus Christ.


  1. What a beautiful post! When you get down to it, that is really the most important thing we can do as Moms. Our lesson in church today was that very thing. And how we should lead by example. Sometimes I feel like the preacher is talking just to me. I need to really take that part more seriously.

  2. Love the post :) You are right, there is nothing better in life than for our sweet little girls to grow up and live for Jesus. We have been entrusted w/ SO much! Us living for Him is so important to our own lives, and even more important for their little lives. I had SO much fun w/ you and mom! Maybe we can go see Beth in person one day! :)

  3. Laura your post made me cry. I too noticed the sun shining through after such a gray sky. I knew the teaching would be awesome, but I didnt realize the praises that would go up and was completely blessed by it. I enjoyed getting to know you a tiny bit, and would love to get to know you more and more. Your sweet little girl is so blessed to have a mommy like you and I know she will grow into a beautiful woman of God as you lead her and she sees your example. God Bless!

  4. A beautiful post and message... thanks so much for sharing.

    I received some terrible news about a family we know (acquaintance level). They are a "nice" family who live in a lovely neighborhood and belong to same club we do. Their freshman daughter thinks she is pregnant and their 12yrold son in smoking and drinking.

    It reminds me so much how much my husband and I need to be the example of Jesus to our sons...

  5. Thank you for the wonderful post. We prayed for our children's salvation before they were born. It was so much joy that their father led them to the Lord. Our church practices infant baptism, but Paige and Jim and i all felt we wanted to do immersion. We were all baptized together.

    Gretchen, who is a strong young Christian woman, says her infant baptism was enough. That's okay with me, as I know she loves Jesus.

    Thanks again for this great post.

    ~hippo hugs~

  6. What a great post Laura! I was so sad that I couldn't go with you! I literally thought about it Saturday and frowned a little bit :)
    I'm with you on what an awesome responsibility it is to teach our girls about our Heavenly Father and His great love for them!

  7. What a very sweet post. I love, love Beth Moore and what she has done for Christian women. God truly does bless us far beyond what we deserve. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I went to Beth Moore too--wan't it great?! And Beth mentioned us watching in Trumbull, CT!

  9. Great post! I am glad that you were able to go. I wish there was one closer to me so I could have attended. We had such a busy day I couldn't squeeze in over a hour in driving time to get there. I have been to one of the simucasts in the past and it left me hungry for more.