Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Sort Of

You know that I just couldn't keep my mouth shut.

If you've recently emailed me and I haven't answered, please be patient with me. I am working through my emails slowly but surely and I promise to respond soon. Also, if you have sent me a Facebook request and I didn't confirm, please know that I don't do much with Facebook and I only confirm family and close friends. Your best bet would be to follow me on Twitter.

We are SLAMMED with birthday parties this weekend!! We have a total of THREE parties to attend that range from black light golf, skating, and an art studio. We have a busy, busy weekend in store for ourselves. Or, at least Alise and I do. The best thing about all these parties is that I get to eat birthday cake...THREE times!! And so goes the diet.

Have a great remainder of the week!


  1. Just think how busy she will be when she is a teenager!

  2. those gumball machines are stinkin adorable!

  3. Pic looks cute. Did you check out the free tag?

  4. Girl we've got 3 parties this weekend too! Bring on the cake...I'll just have to walk a couple extra miles :)

  5. So far our weekend is not booked up like that. That sounds like a fun one just jammed packed. MK's friends have birthdays in June. It will be wild for us then.