Wednesday, March 24, 2010

T-Ball or Ballet?

Alise is loving t-ball! We haven't had a game yet, but we've had three practices which have consisted mostly of just batting and catching. However, that is suppose to change this Saturday when the all girl team starts learning positions! Coach told us yesterday that she will play two games on opening day, which is Saturday, April 10th! So excited about that!!

Alise likes to clobber the tee at times, but when she follows through with her swing, she can hit it pretty far. Baby Girl seems to have an arm on her, too. Yeah, that's her pink polka dot bat. Coach is suppose to find out if it's "legal" for the games. The child still doesn't own a pair of cleats, but she's got a pink bat!! Go figure.
She was so excited that Wayne made it to the last 3o minutes of practice. Those two have got a lot of practicing to do!!

On a more "feminine" note, Alise's dance class got their ballet costumes this week and I must say that I am very surprised and pleased. The costumes look so much better in person than they did in the book! Love, love, love them!! The sequins really shine and you girls know that I am all about *bling!* Ha! They are a little "high waisted," but I think it's because of their tap routine which is from a 1940's Shirley Temple movie. The class danced to their ballet number for the moms- it was a tear jerker from a Barbie movie. Who knew?

I forgot to post this picture on this post.So many of you commented/emailed asking where I find my crawfish. For recipes like these, I normally use frozen crawfish tails and I find them in my local grocery store. I haven't had any luck at finding them at Walmart. Sometimes, the grocery store has specials on them and I stock up. It's just the easiest (and cleanest) way to go! Someone also emailed me to let me know that they used shrimp instead of crawfish and it was very, very good, too!

Alot of my local readers wanted to know how much the Beidenharn Gardens were charging for "Weekend in the Gardens." The price is $3 for children and $5 for adults. And, yes. I agree that it's not that much money. However. It's still high-way ROBBERY when it use to be FREE, FREE, FREE!! Little Ms. Beidenharn is rolling over in her grave that the Foundation is charging people to visit her beautiful gardens. Will I go? Probably. Will I pay? Of course. Will I give somebody a piece of my mind? You betcha. Will I blog about it? Oh, yeah.


  1. 1.) LOVE the pink polka dot bat. Wherever did you find it? Miss Priss also has a pink bat for softball.

    2.) Adorable dance costume. Pinkie got hers this week too!

    3.) I want that crawfish.

  2. I love Alise's costume. Very cute. The bat is adorable.

  3. First of all, my dad works for UPS so I have many of pictures with him sporting the uniform too ;)

    Secondly, her costume is absolutely adorable!! When I was teaching dance, costume time was always my favorite because it seemed no matter what the babies put on, they were precious :)

  4. LOVE the balley costume! And the pink polka dot bat is the BEST. I may be buying that from you in a few years! ;)

  5. Wonder if my boys would like a pink polka-dotted bat?!?! Maybe if they had that when I was younger, I might have been more of a jock... but then, maybe not. LOL