Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hello Girlies!

Sorry I wasn't around much last week, but I have been SLAMMED at work. It's budget time and let me just say that meeting with a bunch of nurses every. single. day. is simply NOT my cup of tea. Sometime between now and next budget season, I am going to find me a little sign that reads, "Put Your Big Girl Panties On And Deal With It!" So, needless to say, I have been tired and yes, a little cranky, too.

So imagine how even more crankier (is that even a word?) I was when I went to our local mall this weekend and discovered: 1) our Gap closed (not that I shopped there a whole heckuva lot, but still!) and 2) the closest Chanel counter is 90 miles - yes 90 miles - away. So the pick-me-up I needed just went out the window! So much for ruby-red-Sandra-Bulloch lips.


Hubs made it up to me by buying me not one, but TWO pairs of Yellow Box flip flops!! Thanks for the heads up about them being on sale, Leigh! If you have not tried these cute little flops, RUN to your nearest Belk. Or where ever you can find them. They are all I wear all summer! And guess what? They even have them in little girl sizes! So guess who is my new Twinkie?! Just precious!

We ran into J and his mom, A, who were at the mall Friday night, too.

On Saturday, we celebrated the first day of Spring at the zoo with some friends! Alise and EC had a mah-velous time and ran from one animal to the next. The weather was nice and we timed it just right before the rain came.

Silly, silly girls!! We left the zoo just in time! The clouds began rolling in and the temp dropped. There were predictions of snow flurries this morning! Look, if I've had to suffer through a week of daylight savings time, I think I shouldn't even hafta think about snow until next winter. And by the way, I think DST is another reason for my crankiness. Ha!

Have you checked out the new Gymboree line? SOOO popsicley kewl!! I see birthday presents for Alise in my future! And it's also time to redeem those Gymbucks!

I wanted to give a big SHOUT OUT to all my new followers! Ya'll have been rather quiet, but I've seen you lurking around and I say thank you for following this crazy momma's blog! If you get a chance, let me know where you're from and how in this wide, wide world you made it to my little ol' piece of it!


  1. It looks like the girls had a blast at the zoo. I know what you mean about DST, it made this week harder than it had to be. Parts of Arkansas got snow. Not us though.

  2. I would DIE if Gap closed here. We have the GAP outlet and it is like the only place I shop when I'm at college.

  3. Where is the closest lipstick you found? Don't mind picking up if is near me.

  4. We were at the zoo Saturday too! from about 10:30-12! It was a nice morning....can you believe this snow today????

  5. I'm sad to hear that Gap closed!!! That was where my first "real" job was! I started working there RIGHT when it opened! This weather is just CRAZY!!!

  6. DST & snow. My word, you need a cocktail.

  7. Sad about Gap. I just found some really cute clothes there this past week. And boo about the closet Chanel counter being 90 miles away. At least you got some cute flip flops! I love Yellow Box shoes they are so cute!

  8. I always say "put your big girl panties on", too! HA HA! Love it!

    The zoo is just great this time of year. Can't wait to get cleared from being lazy so I can get out and about again.

  9. I love the GAP. When we moved here, I went to the mall and discovered that there isn't one here. I nearly cried. Then, two weeks ago, Old Navy closed their doors. Again, I nearly cried.