Monday, March 08, 2010

My Oscar's Best Dressed List

My list is short and sweet. And I actually missed the prelim red carpet show because I was cleaning up the kitchen.

You see, the Oscars and I have a love-hate relationship. I haven't really watched since 1999 when Kate Winslet was booted out of the Best Actress Award by somebody that I don't even remember. And I'm still too ticked about it after all these years to even google to see who it was that beat her out. See, I was a huge "Titantic" fan. So much so that I spent a total of 24 hours in the movie theater seeing it. Not in the same day, but you get the picture (no pun intended). I was in love with that movie. History, love. Who could ask for more?

And I'm not quite sure what actually got me even the slightest bit interested in tuning in this year. Maybe it was Ryan Seacrest and the fact that I follow him on Twitter. Maybe it was the fact that I read somewhere that James Cameron - who directed Titantic - and his ex wife were actually pitted against each other for the coveted title of "Motion Picture of the Year." Maybe it was because I loved Sandra Bullock in "The Blind Side" and Meryl Streep in "Julie & Julia" and I just had to find out who won. Who knows?

So, yeah, I watched.

My most favorite dress of the night was Penelope Cruz's. And I'm not a Penelope fan. But when she walked across the stage as the first presenter, I was impressed. I mean, really impressed. Home Girl pulled it off! And in the words of J.J., she looked DY-NO-MITE! I think the color was my favorite thing about the dress. I thought she looked very elegant.

Sandra. I think the thing I liked most about her was the red lipstick. There aren't many girls that can pull off the red lipstick look. And the fact that the Touhy clan was there was just icing on the cake. Not that they probably had anything to do with her dress, but you know. I liked the glitzy glam look.
And let me just say that I am not a Cameron Diaz fan. Something about that stupid "What About Mary?" movie just did it for me. Always a ditz. She made up for it a little bit in "Charles' Angels," but I digress. I will say that a ditz she did NOT look last night. I think she was the most beautiful that I have ever seen her and I absolutely LOVED the dress!
Before you totally think I have flipped my lid, let me explain. I don't even know who this actress is. I know her first name is Vera and she played in that movie with George Clooney - who, by the way, what was his problem last night?? Anyhoo. Every single time the camera landed on her, I was like, "Wow! Who is that? She is gorgeous!!" The dress? Hmm....I like ruffles, but not necessarily my favorite. I think her beauty made up for the dress.

And the best Tweet last night came from my babysitter and friend, Amie, who said - after Jennifer Lopez's presentation - "Did Jennifer Lopez need a kick stand? What was that foot move?" I cracked up more over that than Miley Cyrus' dress!

And there you have it!

Who was on your best dressed list?


  1. Great. Now I have to google Miley's dress. I saw some of the red carpet & like that ruffled pink dress too. I was different. And Sandy looked great. Somebody said she looked like the Oscar statue. Great pics, Laura!

  2. I saw a bit and there were def. some beautiful tasteful dresses...and then there wasn't!

  3. I mean come on! She was either about to tip over or she was trying to clench so she wouldn't toot into the mic. Something was going on there!

    I have SO many movies to rent now!!

  4. I was pretty impressed with most of the clothing. I thought Barbra Streisand looked awful - from head to toe. I don't care for Camron Diaz either. The dress was nice.

    As for George Clooney, he needed a haircut.

    Meryl Streep wad her usual elegant, gorgeous self. JLo needed to fix her hair, as did Sara Jessica Parker.

    As much as I really like Sandra Bullock and enjoyed her in Blind Side, I still think Meryl deserved the Oscar. Just sayin.

    ~hippo hugs~

  5. Some of the dresses last night were gorgeous, others were not. Demi Moore looked gorgeous. I thought Queen Latifah looked great. I loved Sarah Jessica Parker's dress.

  6. It was just bad... and I stayed up all the way through it, save for about 30 minutes somewhere in the middle. My favorite part was seeing Avitar lose best picture...

  7. Sandra Bullock is what I like to call ageless beauty! I love her and so glad she won last night.