Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My Daughter Was Cheated!

I live for Mrs. L's Monday notes. Literally. I mean, I can't get Alise dressed fast enough for dance on Monday evenings before I'm reaching for her blue folder in her backpack. I have the notes nearly read before I even pull out of the school parking lot.

Two weeks ago, Alise's class was studying the letter W and Mrs. L came up with the awesome idea to hold a Winter Olympics for the letter. Students won gold medals for categories such as "Best Dancer," "The Silly Face that made us laugh the Most," and "The Best Backbend." Alise won for "The Best Skipper." I was so proud of her!


I saw that her deskmate won for "The Most Enthusiastic Cheerleader."

Say what?!

I asked her, "Alise? Why didn't you win for Most Enthusiastic Cheerleader? I thought that's what you wanted to be was a cheerleader!!"

She said, "Well, Mommie, K went to cheer camp, too!" She was referring to a week long cheer camp that the school cheerleaders held during football season.

And then!

I read who the "judge" was. And it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who W was in love with that week!

Good grief!

W is making my world miserable lately. So much so that Alise asked me just this morning why I don't buy her cute clothes so that W will like her.

Has my 4 year old lost her mind?

And what's so crazy about the whole "cute clothes" business is the fact that the clothes SHE picks out are just awful. I mean, awful. If I was W I wouldn't like her for the sheer mismatched wardrobe she sports! I like to think that I have saved her from much embarrassment even if the fighting and arguing we do every morning over what she wears is enough to send me over the edge!

And Alise had the audacity to ask me today if I noticed the shirt that W was wearing today. I wanted to say, "Why? Did he look hawt?" But instead I told the truth and said, "No."

I don't have a habit of looking at what little boys wear.


  1. Are you ever able to compromise with Alise about what she wears? I like those little cubbies with the days of the week on them. You and Alise could put the clothes in there on Sunday night for the week. Let her pick the top and you pick the pants or something. At least she'd be dressing herself and being little Miss Independent and she would match.

  2. Oh' no! Bless your heart! Morgan has a little crush too! Luckily, it's one of my good friend's little boys... he's pretty precious if I do say so myself and all the girls at school fight over him!

  3. I'm with Semi-Slacker, it only gets worse.

    ~hippo hugs~

  4. Mary-Kate hasn't started having crushes yet. She has started not liking the outfits that I choose for her at school.