Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Just A Little Stressed

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up soon and I am clueless as to what to get Ms. L and her helpers. Can you believe that?! Me, clueless? Ha!

Our school's PTA sent home a letter last week asking for money in order to plan luncheons, drawings and give aways for our teachers. I was a little confused as to whether we should send money or buy teacher gifts or do both? So I called the chairperson and got rooked into making a dessert. Well, not really. You know how I love to bake!

So my question is: Would you send money or would you get a gift? I hate to just send money because it seems so impersonal. But then, it would be SO much easier, too!

Here are a few gifts I found on Etsy:
Polka dots. Enough said. I love everything in Nik Nax's store!

This DIY project is so sweet! It comes with miniature chocolate candy bar wrappers and the sayings are oh-so cute! Check it out here.

I love it when I get notes from teachers! Don't you? And cute stationary is a must! Check out designs from The English Pea.

Who doesn't like cupcakes? And the fact that you can save calories by purchasing these cute SOAP cupcakes, is even more reason to do it! Hint: they're cute for Easter baskets, too!

Is your child's teacher a coffee drinker? That's an important question! Because depending on how she takes her caffeine in the morning says ALOT about what sort of gift she'd prefer: a Sonic Route 44 or THIS cute coffee hugger. Shop Sugar Foot Embroidery and check out their cute personalized styles for your favorite teacher!

MellyRoo Designs has got some of the cutest checkbook covers in so many designs! And the best part is, the checkbooks come with matching pens! Now THAT'S a combo! And all for $10!! Personalized ink pens are sold seperately for only $6!

These stickers are just adorable and perfect for the teacher who loves personalization and monogramming!! Visit A Paper Lane for a peek.

I LOVE these bottlecap magnets from Stuck Together! I think they would look so cute on filing cabinets or a small refrigerator in the classroom.

Teacher's Survival Kit from How Adorable for $3.50. Some a-mazing survival kits for every occupation you could think of!


  1. Great finds on Etsy! I love the personalized stationary and the candy wrappers, way cute gifts.

  2. All of them are precious!! As a teacher, I would gladly take any of them :)

  3. Great ideas. Did you check out "Skip To Lou"? She had some cute ideas as well.

  4. Oh the gifts are so cute you HAVE to get one! Love the polka dot sign. Do you read mojoy? She's local and does cute paintings like that.

    My fave is the stationary. But I love all things stationary.

    If you feel guilty for not sending money, send a little, but DEF get one of those adorable gifts. I think a gift + desert = enough!

  5. As a former teacher, practical is the best way to go! She would for sure use the stationary!!!!! Etsy rocks!

  6. I just love when you share all the cute things you find on Esty! Maybe you could give a litte money for the drawings/lunches and then get the Mrs. L and her helpers a little something small.

    I am off to look at some of the Esty stores!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Those gifts are so cute! I need to get in gear and order something for MK's teacher.

  8. Since I am a teacher, I am going to throw in my opinion. ha. Anything monogrammed is LOVED by all teachers. BUT please for the love of mankind, don't buy her teacher a candle. Trust me. I have so many candles from students, and although I love candles, there are only so many you can burn at a time.

  9. As a teacher, let me throw my 2 cents in too. You LOVE your teacher, so you should do both. You can send a small amount of money, because that usually goes for the big "drawings," not everyone will win. Since she may not win, you need to give a little gift just from Alise. As a mother & teacher, that's what I do. Your etsy finds were AWESOME!

  10. Anonymous3:29 PM

    I made the cutest little fabric fortune cookies and typed up encouraging words about teaching that I tucked into the center of the "cookie" fold. They are darling! Let me know if you want the instructions. HUGS!


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