Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hello, Friends!

I thought I would share some recent pics of Alise with her friends as well as what our weekend has been like! The entire time that I was chauffering Alise to all her parties, Michael W. Smith's song, "Friends" kept playing in my head.

The fact is, it's been a pretty hard week. Very black. And by that, I mean that I know of three different deaths this week. And although death can be sudden or a long time coming, I think it's so important to be surrounded by friends during such a time of dispair. I have seen someone literally lifted up by her friends this week so that she could greet and weep with those that came to her husband's funeral. Seeing that reminded me of the story in the Bible of the bold friends that were so intent on getting their lame friend to Jesus, that they lowered him through the roof. What an amazing story of friendship!

Enjoy the pics and give a friend a hug this week!

We partied all weekend!! Alise had THREE birthday parties for such sweet friends that we simply couldn't miss them! They started Friday night and ran until about 2:00 Saturday afternoon. I was exhausted by then!

I wanted to share with you the oh-so cute t-shirt that I got Addison. I got it from Sew Cute Creations. Barbara was SO nice to work with! Of course, mom made the headband. When the t-shirt came in the mail, Alise saw it and of course, she wanted one, too, so I'm thinking about getting her one for her birthday. At Sew Cute Creations, you can get any design, fabric and font.

Alise spent more time on the turtles than she actually did skating. She had a few run-ins on the turtle, but she always managed to get right back up and take another go at it. I'm so thankful for that never-giving-up attitude.
My friend Cyndi did an AWESOME job on the cake! Addison had a "Fancy Nancy" party at the skating rink. I've never seen so many tu-tu's on skates! Ha! Of course, Alise was devestated that she didn't have her's, but we had to come to the party straight after I picked her up from extended day so there was no time to change and well, I just didn't think about bringing it with us that morning. She survived.

Then, Saturday morning, it was another party at a local put-put course. Our friend, M (in the polka dots) is from Huntsville, Alabama and her mom and I have become good friends. M is a year older than Alise, but they are great friends, too. We didn't get to stay very long at M's party because we had party #3 just an hour later. But the black light golf idea was so neat! Even Alise's toenails were glowing!

The Three Amigos together again! Boy, have I missed these babies being together!! They've been together since they were one year old and were separated this school year. It was so wonderful to have them back together for just a few hours. Alise just loved and loved on her friends!
Happy Birthday, A! We miss you!!

And speaking of friends, I FINALLY had a sit-down conversation with a real-life blogger last week!! Avery's mom bought two of the items from my Saturday's Show & Sell last month, so we made a lunch date so that I could give her the outfits. Love, love, LOVE Avery's mom!! She is so bubbly and has the best personality! We just clicked! And ate lots of yummy Italian food, too!! We're hoping to get together for lunch again as well as get Avery and Alise together! I see some fun, fun days ahead for us! And would you believe that I had my camera with me and forgot all about having our picture taken? I was too busy feeding my face and gabbing! Ha! Oh, well! There will be a next time, I'm sure of it!

Don't forget about the Beth Moore Simulcast! I've had several people email me about going. Tickets are $20. This goes for you, Lori. And you, too, Crayon Princess! Don't make me drive to your house! Ha!!

I hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend!! Love ya'll!


  1. How lucky Alise is to have so many friends! She must be quite a little girl... takes after her cute mom!

  2. It's crazy that you mention the deaths this week b/c it seems they've been rampant here as well. A beautiful mom of 3 (and girl I grew up in church with) went to see the Lord after a head-on collision on Monday, and several friends have lost their parents this week as well. I'm ready to celebrate some happy times for a while. :) Looks like Alise had fun this w-end.

  3. I would love the chance to get together with you, Laura! But, I can't commit to anything on a Saturday during ball season. This is A.J.'s first year to play and I am the team mom, so I don't plan on missing any practices, games, or events.

  4. lovin' that shirt/headband combo!!
    and I just had to laugh when I saw those little scooters that Alise was using at the skating rink- I used to LOVE those things- back in elementary school we used to get to play on them in gym class! so fun!

  5. You are such a blogging champ! I promise, I'm updating. I enjoyed meeting you too and looking forward to more lunch dates!

    Looks like Alise had a great time at the parties. And you survived too. What a cute gift! You gals are either exhausted, or on a sugar high from all that cake!

  6. I love the Fancy Nancy cake! especially that cake stand at the skating rink.

  7. Love Alise's headband in the pictures. Love the shirt for Addison too. What great pictures! Friends are so important. Glad you are one of mine, even if it is in the blog world.

  8. Alise always has so many parties to attend. She is one popular little girl!

    I have a question for do you decide what gift to give and how much to spend? Carter went to his first party for someone that we were not family friends with and I just had no idea how much to spend. Compared to the other gifts I think I overspent. Then when Carter is in preschool I am sure there will be many more parties and I don't want to go broke buying birthday gifts.

    P.S. I am having trouble publishing this comment...weird!