Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Plans & A Little Venting

If you don't know my history with Easter and lavender, you can read about it here. So if I told you that I was kissing "tradition" good-bye and that Alise will be wearing PINK this Easter and that I was the one wearing lavender, would you be surprised??!!

Whell. It's true, Girlies! I'll be sporting this lavender dress on April 4th!

Yep! Alise and I are gonna look like two pastel Easter eggs this year! But I'm giving caution to the wind - and hoping I can find some fake tan in a bottle! Ha! It's been many, many moons since I had a brand spanking new Easter dress! That's what happens when you have a daughter and dressing her to the nines becomes more important than having your very own new dress to wear. I found a nice pearl choker at Forever 21 for $3.50 so all that's left is to find some nice sandals and my Easter ensemble will be complete! Tell me what you think!

And speaking of Easter, check out this Easter platter from The Crayon Princess! I absolutely LOVE it!!

Mrs. L had the grand idea of getting away from school for the class Easter egg hunt. I immediately thought of our church because it's located right down the road from the school and we have an outside playground area with lots of open grass space for hunting eggs. So I've been brainstorming all the fun games we can play including The Egg Race, The Egg Toss, and The Easter Egg Roll (so jealous of all those lucky boys and girls who get to do this on the White House lawn every year!). We're going to have popsicles, LSU cupcakes for a classmate's birthday (no comment - ha!), and other fun drinks and snacks. So pray that the weather cooperates and that it is 1) not too cool, or 2) raining, or 3) snowing.

And while I'm on the topic of Easter, let me just say how very, very, very disappointed I am that our local Biedenharn Gardens will be CHARGING - yes, CHARGING - guests to take snapshots in the gardens this year. This has always been a free event every year for the two weekends leading up to Easter and has become a family tradition for almost everyone in our city, including the Horton's. When I read about this extortion in the paper on Sunday, I was so angry that I had decided to write a letter to the editor, but I haven't done it yet. Not only are the Gardens charging for children, but also for the parents who will be taking the pictures! That's CAH-RAY=ZEE!!! I am just tee-totally fired. up. about. this!!


  1. The dress is great and I think you've *almost* motivated me to buy something new this year. My closet is full of BLACK! I HAAATE to wear black on Easter! Anyway, i also HATE to shop (except shopping for Avery!)

    Shocked about Biedenharn too! Shame on those greedy old ladies. teeeheeeheeee

  2. Love the dress, you are almost making me want to buy a dress but I'm still trying to lose weight.
    I love the Biedernharn but are they really that strapped for money. I took my wedding pics there and love all the gorgeous flowers and statues.
    Don't say anything about snow, I waited for a month to have the boys' birthday outside and what happens on Sunday, it snows!!!! in LA!!!

  3. LOVE the dress! And I'm sick to hear that Beidenharn is charging! I have never taken AJ but after your post about it last year, I had planned on doing it this year! How much is the fee?

  4. Your dress is so pretty! I haven't gotten an Easter dress in a long time either. I am sorry to hear that the gardens are charging this year.

  5. Charging???? What has gotten into them?

  6. Love the dress. In my "youth" lavendar was one of my good colors. You will look fabo I'm sure.

    Sorry about the gardens. Sign or our economic times?

    ~hippo hugs~

  7. Cute dress! Yes, unfortunately you will need a wee bit o' cullah on you body! LOL

  8. You are too sweet! Thanks for the platter shout out. Your dress is beautiful!

  9. Ooooh-la-la...you're gonna look amazing in that dress!!! Your Easter sounds like it's gonna be so much better than mine!!

    BTW, no you didn't miss pictures of the bathroom makeover! I've been taking pics as we go along but now that Tim has stopped working on it, I'm too embarrassed to post pics of how it looks half-way done!

  10. My mom just called--"Tell your friend that the recipe was great." She used shrimp and said it was super yummy! Keep 'em coming; I bet we can turn her into a blog follower.

  11. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this dress! And you look great in it! Can't wait to see the pictures!

    Thank you for stopping by today and leaving such kind words! I am so glad we are friends!