Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cousin Brooklyn

Cousin Brooklyn was in town this week spending Spring Break with Nana and Papaw! Alise was so excited to spend time with her cousin! Nana picked Alise up from school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so that the two could "hang out together."

After t-ball practice this morning, we all headed to the Park for some fresh air and sunshine. Even though the wind made it really cool, the girls had a blast! We had a picnic, too! It was a gorgeous day! You can tell by the pics that the wind was really blowing hard!

Congrats to my little brother and his wife! Brooklyn is going to be a Big Sis! Baby Brother will be here in August!


  1. It was windy here today too. Guess the whole "in like a lion, out like a lamb," may not hold true this time around. Adorable pics of the girls!

  2. I love your pictures with the girls! Congrats to your brother and his family. She is close to my delivery date. It was very windy here too. Glad Alise got to spend time with her cousin.

  3. Brooklyn has gotten so big!! I know you are excited about being an aunt again!!