Monday, February 01, 2010

Who Datness

I need to clarify.

I live in Louisiana but I gave up on the NFL when I decided that I wanted to be an SEC fan instead. And more specifically, an Alabama Crimson Tide fan. So I haven't really kept up with the Saints, the Aints, or any other of those teams named for things I've never heard of or can't explain with my four-year-college-degree-plus-three-initials-behind-my-name expertise.


When I heard that my dear Saints - because just living in Louisiana allows the term of endearment - were being stripped - yes, stripped - of their "Who Datness," the word, CAH-RAY-ZEE came to mind.

And the NFL? The Big Brother of the pig skin! Picking on our poor post-Katrina football team!? Taking away our swagger? Saying that the coveted fleur de lis is a "licensed trademark"? Why don't you choke on one of my sugar cookies? Big Brother, you are greedy. Greedy, greedy, greedy. Amen, amen, amen.

In another retaliation, one Louisiana politician vowed to have shirts printed with the phrase, "Who Dat say we can't print Who Dat?" Now THAT is funny!

Long story short, Big Brother relented and allowed the "Who Dat Nation" (say what?) keep our "Who Datness."

Look, I don't know who's gonna win the Super Bowl - and I really don't care - but because I live in da Who Dat Nation, I'll be cheering for da Saints while I'm eating my fleur de lis sugar cookies on da couch wondering if a certain place truly has frozen over.


  1. I hadn't heard about all that. That is really something. I feel like I live in who datness myself.

  2. I couldn't agree more! Who Dat!!!

  3. Just catching up! You know, if you ever want to part with some of your sweet girl's darling clothes please let me know. And I had not heard of all "dat" going on. HMMM!

  4. Too funny! I'm not a Saints fan but will be watching the big game with a few friends. Can't wait to see all the CRAZY that goes on.

  5. Can I come eat the cookies with you? :)

  6. I could not care any less about the NFL, but I am all for eating cookies in the name of the Super Bowl!

  7. Girl, I'm laughing out Loud for Real! I'm loving the t-shirt slogan! Big Brother knew better than to mess with a bunch of Louisiana Crazies! Seriously, New Orleans is CRAZY right now. I have a friend from college living there and there pics on FB were nothing short of insane! (saints in the superbowl and Mardi gras make for quite a combo)

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