Friday, February 12, 2010


Alise and I camped out in her bedroom last night. She made us this "nice" pallet of blankets and pillows, but I still woke up with a back ache. Anyhoo. The first words out of her mouth this morning was, "I wonder if it snowed last night." Of course, I knew it had because I had gotten up earlier to see Wayne before he left to go to work, so I said, "Get up and go look out the window!" She was SO surprised! Her expression was, "WOW!! Mommie, come see!"

This was how she ate breakfast this morning. Gazing out the window, eating dry cereal and waiting with bated breath to get outside!!

When Alise took her first few steps in the snow, it was so funny. I realized that it was the first time that she had ever stepped in snow or seen the sheer whiteness. She loved it! As I type now, she just said, "I hope the snow comes back tomorrow." I'm pretty sure she will be disappointed. We had SO much fun playing in it! We had snowball fights, made snow angels and built a "snow princess." We sure missed Daddy when we tried to build our snow princess because I didn't know the first thing about building a snowman!
I love this picture of Alise! Love her eyes in this picture.
So I did it black and white too!
Okay. Don't laugh at me. You know we don't get any snow in Louisiana. And Alise has outgrown her rubber boots. A friend from work called me and said that she tied plastic bags around her daughter's tennis shoes because she didn't have any boots, either. So....that's what I did! But guess who didn't like it? Alise pitched a fit!!! She refused to wear them over her shoes, so I put some over my tall leather boots and she still wouldn't put them on. So, I told her that she wasn't going outside. Guess who won that one!

Love this picture, too!
Making snow angels.
Our Snow Princess. Don't laugh. It was the best I could do. Thank God it was Valentine's Day! I don't know what I would have done for the mouth if it hadn't been! We couldn't get the chocolate heart nose to stay on. Alise kept telling me to go in the house and "get a carrot." Uh? I don't just keep carrots laying around our house. Duh! You would think even she would know that!!
Ha, ha! She's still trying to figure it out! I got some video footage of our snowball fight and snow angel making. Maybe I'll upload it and share it this weekend.

Oh! And to all my fine weather friends that sent us pics of their snowmen today, I have to say, "Awesome!" Alise and I loved seeing them all. You guys certainly put us to shame!


  1. Your pictures of the snow look great! I love the one of her with her head thrown back and her arms raised up to the sky like "this sure is THE life!" And the snow princess? What a clever idea. I saw tons of snowmen today, but none had a tiara. That's pretty original.

    Ok, I just read about A having to pull a horseshoe. Poor A! She lost two rides at the mall, was obviously very embarassed about what she had done, AND got a southern woopin'??? Haha! That's funny! I bet she did learn her lesson. But honestly, have you ever seen hamburger meat at school? I'd probably throw mine on the floor too if I thought someone was going to come along and make me eat. Ain't nobody gonna make me eat that stuff! And $4?? Double WOW! Our's is $3 for some crap and I thought that was bad. Of course, alot of our students are on free and reduced lunch so not many are actually paying that, but still!

    I will be stopping by tomorrow to check out some cute clothes. I can't believe it but she is already wearing 18 months in pants and some 24 months. It's the length but still!!

    I sure did say "but still!" alot.

  2. Looks like yall had just as much fun as we did! Although, a one year old can only do so much! We didn't even attempt a snowman. The snow was wonderful! Especially when it's only a few inches :)
    By the way the womanizer (W) post cracked me UP!!!!

  3. Cute snow princess! How fun! I wish we got snow in Arizona :) We need to drive 2-3 hours to see some. Have a great weekend!

  4. That's awesome. Every child should get to make a snow angel once in their life.

    Here near Pittsburgh we're just a bit over-blessed in the snow department. Thanks for reminding me of the wonderment of it all.

  5. How much snow did you get? Love the pictures of Alise playing in the snow. . . PRICELESS.

  6. Love it all! :) She's so sweet!

  7. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Just beautiful Laura!! Great pictures!!! And so glad you got your share of the snow too,lol!!

  8. I love your snow pictures! Your princess is beautiful! I thought the chocolate touch on her was great! We have gotten so much snow in Arkansas. I can't get over it. We have missed 4 days of school since Jan. and will go to school into June.

  9. How fun! Great way to improvise with not having snow boots! Isn't it so much fun to act like a kid again? I love making snow angels.

    The snow princess is just adorable!

  10. Awww....I love the snow princess! And the plastic bags were just genious! HA! Glad she enjoyed her first snow experience!

  11. We enjoyed the snow too here in Alabama!!
    I LOVE that snow princess! Too cute!!

  12. Did the words "snow blower" cross your mind at all? Glad she got to enjoy the snow! I can't imagine having never seen it before.

  13. Love our snow! 6 inches...

  14. What a cute snowman! I can't imagine a winter without snow.

  15. Your pics are so great! Alise looks so hapyy. And that snowgirl with the tiara is too cute!

  16. I love the snow princess! Great idea about the shoes! Glad y'all had fun!